Snickerdoodles recipe

My Best Snickerdoodles cookie recipe is straightforward and really the best and I’m showing you all my tips and tricks! These Cinnamon Sugar Cookies are soft, buttery, thick and loaded with flavor!

I often hate calling something “the best” or “perfect”…because Without having FAIL there will be someone out there who certainly, does NOT feel they are excellent. Or the ideal. I get it.

AND attaching “Perfect” or “The Best” to a Snickerdoodle Recipe is getting into into fairly hazardous territory…Everyone helps make Snickerdoodles…and everybody thinks their snickerdoodle recipe is the very best. Add in the probability that their recipe is most likely their Grammies, my claims to have the greatest recipe are fightin’ words.

But I’m Assured That This Is The Best Snickerdoodle Recipe EVER!

So with ALL that explained, please note: My claims that these cookies are excellent and the very best are my opinions solely. Nicely, mine and everyone who has experimented with them. Nowadays I’m exhibiting you how to make snickerdoodle cookies AND they happen to be 1 of the easiest snickerdoodle recipes out there. Pinky guarantee!

Why are these Best Snickerdoodles?

Given that Snickerdoodles are effortless my husband’s most favored cookie I have made my fair share of them in excess of the years. I started out with the traditional BHG recipe from the red and white checkered cookbook. Then I transitioned into a recipe that a pal from my occupation in university utilised and they had been incredible. BUT once I actually commenced baking all the time, and figuring out and deconstructing recipes I knew that it was higher time I got hectic building my very own.

I use a handful of tricks in these cookies that I will hit on far more in a minute, but it comes down to:

  1. Lower bake temperature
  2. Extra cinnamon (purists detest this)
  3. No chill time (hallelujah!)
  4. Brown Sugar
  5. An further egg yolk

Let’s break it all down.

How Do I Make Snickerdoodles…and Why You Must Make Them This Way Too!

Some of you will agree with my ideas, specially if you’ve produced these, you presently know it’s magic. But some of you may possibly disagree…and that’s ok! We all don’t have to agree all the time. It’s great. But let me share what I’ve discovered above the years, I mean, you stopped my corner of the net today due to the fact you’re hunting for a Snickerdoodle recipe, so let’s get at it.

  • Cream of Tartar: I don’t always feel you have to use it to have a very good Snickerdoodle (gasp I know). BUT soon after my attempt at omitting the irritating ingredient from a batch of Pumpkin Spice Snickerdoodles I created last September I got my honest share of suggestions that it didn’t really count as a Snickerdoodle with no CoT. I can’t say I necessarily agree, but I do use it in my recipe to preserve items significantly less controversial Even though, I will say that utilizing baking powder in location of baking soda and CoT is basically the identical big difference. But I’m here to please.
  • Oven Temperature: I bake my Snickerdoodles for Exactly ten minutes each and every.single.time. at 325°F with excellent outcomes. But I know all ovens are various, so I wrote 10-twelve minutes in the recipe just to cover my bases. You want the edges to be lightly golden and the center to appear Practically done…you may possibly feel it’s not accomplished, but when it cools completely it will be soft, and melt in your mouth. Try it my way just as soon as and see!
  • No Chill Time: You’re not chilling the dough as you do normally with snickerdoodles, which is why the lower oven temperature functions!
  • Brown Sugar: The extra richness the brown sugar gives these cookies is what helps set them apart. Brown sugar adds a tiny moisture, as effectively as a deeper taste.
  • Further Cinnamon: I use cinnamon in the dough as well as the coating. You can leave it out if you want, but the best portion of a snickerdoodle is the buttery, cinnamon-ness and in this case more is more!
  • An Further Egg Yolk: Adding 1 egg plus a yolk provides the cookie dough a small added moisture and a great deal of richness. You could omit the yolk and add a handful of tablespoons much less of flour, or you could undoubtedly add 2 total eggs, and have a slightly thinner cookie, but the additional yolk is the place the magic takes place!

Even though my recipe for Snickerdoodles isn’t totally out of the box, I certainly consider the small changes I have made can make them Best. I hope you try them!

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I hope you guys enjoy these Easy and Ideal Snickerdoodles as considerably as I do!! SO make ’em, eat ’em and allow me know what you consider!

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