Shrimp curry

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This straightforward Thai shrimp curry recipe is rapid, easy, and there’s plenty of sauce for the rice! Prepared in significantly less than half an hour.

I love a good coconut sauce, and this coconut shrimp curry doesn’t disappoint. I kept this recipe pretty basic so it comes collectively quick. Shrimp cook quite speedily, so as soon as you truly get cooking, it doesn’t get prolonged at all. It’s also reasonably wholesome.

It’s been a although considering that I last posted a Thai-inspired recipe, but I do have a number of other folks on right here if you are interested like my Thai chicken curry soup, 15 minute Thai green curry soup, this Thai sweet potato curry, or my Thai turkey soup.

I manufactured this Thai shrimp curry for the initial time on January 27. I hated the photos so redid them like two months later on. I hated the second batch of images even much more than the 1st, so we’re making use of the January images. I just don’t like these pictures. The light wasn’t even poor that day. Sometimes I am so baffled why issues don’t flip out how I consider they will. It’s not like I’m making use of a different window or board or bowl or camera or anything at all. I’ll possibly end up redoing them once again sometime. But, as Mark Zuckerberg says, “done is better than perfect”, so at least I know the recipe is tasty. -end rant-

I enjoy the contrast among the wealthy coconut sauce and all the fresh herbs… that’s probably my favourite factor about Thai recipes. It’s not really time but for my backyard basil, but it’ll be coming quickly(ish)… can’t wait. The expanding season here in Canada isn’t exactly lengthy, but I’ll take what I can get lol.

How to make Thai shrimp curry

  • Prep your shrimp. If making use of frozen shrimp, run them below cool water right up until they’re completely thawed.
  • Saut the onion for five minutes or till softened
  • Stir in the garlic and curry paste until finally fragrant
  • Stir in the chicken broth and allow it boil for a couple of minutes
  • Include in the coconut milk, shrimp, and red pepper
  • Add the lime juice, season with salt & pepper to taste, and include the fresh herbs.

I enjoy serving this Thai curry more than white jasmine rice.

Want to make it spicy? Try out adding some chopped fresh Thai chilis or some dried red pepper flakes if you have some in your pantry.

What kind of shrimp to use in Thai coconut shrimp curry?

I used 31-forty/pound count frozen raw shrimp. You can use smaller or greater shrimp if you want just adjust cooking time by a minute or two as necessary.

Allow me know if you’ve created this effortless coconut shrimp curry!

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