Icing for sugar cookies

These are my absolute favored cut-out Christmas sugar cookies! My recipe for sugar cookies promises flavorful cookies with soft centers and crisp edges. You’ll appreciate this effortless glaze icing, also. It’s a wonderful different to royal icing and can make decorating trouble-free!

Let’s kick off the vacation baking season with a Christmas cookie traditional. Nothing beats Christmas sugar cookies produced from scratch and I know you’ll enjoy this distinct recipe. We’re using my traditional sugar cookies and dressing them up for the holidays!

Trust me when I say this is a sugar cookie recipe you want to try out. It’s taken me awhile to discover that perfectly soft-centered, however slightly crisp edged recipe. The cookies maintain their cookie cutter form in the oven and have a great flat surface for decorating. There’s no crazy elements, so this recipe is effortless and approachable for everyone.

Given that you might currently be familiar with my sugar cookie recipe, I’m making use of nowadays to emphasis on the icing.

I enjoy royal icing, but it can be rather specific occasionally. You need to have a quite precise consistency in buy for the royal icing to pipe and set appropriately– it definitely requires patience!

Straightforward Glaze Icing

But you can create gourmet decorated sugar cookies with no even employing royal icing! Use my easy glaze icing rather. You need to have confectioners’ sugar, water, vanilla extract, and a touch of corn syrup. The corn syrup makes the icing great and shiny, whilst the ratio of confectioners’ sugar to water keeps it thick. The icing dries difficult and somewhat crunchy, so you can easily stack these Christmas sugar cookies and travel with them.

To make decorating a breeze, use a squeeze bottle. They’re a tiny easier than piping tips!

This is a recipe that requires preparing ahead. Initial, the cookie dough wants to chill. Chilling is a mandatory step. Ahead of decorating the baked cookies, make certain the cookies are completely awesome. If they are not entirely great, the icing will melt. To fully harden on top of the cookies, the icing demands at least 24 hours to set.