Greek lemon potatoes

Certainly a minimize over the usual roasted potatoes! The unique thing about Greek Lemon Potatoes is that they are cooked in a heavily flavoured lemon garlic broth so they suck up all that flavour just before roasting to golden perfection. They’re utterly addictive!

Greek Lemon Potatoes: A fresh spin on roast spuds

Welcome back to the final instalment of GREEK WEEK. We started the week with Greek Chicken marinated in the most outstanding yogurt marinade, served up a big pan of homemade Greek Baklava on Wednesday and we’re finishing up the week with the much anticipated Greek Lemon Potatoes!

We’re serving all these with a side of fresh Greek Salad and Tzatziki for dolloping (in the Greek Chicken recipe) – and see here for more Greek recipes.

Plate smashing is optional – but loads of garlic in almost everything is not!

Let’s be clear about a single issue up front:

These are not your usual roasted potatoes

Don’t get me wrong. Throw spuds in the oven drizzled with oil, salt and pepper, and I’ll happily munch my way through them.

Make the energy to adhere to a few added actions to make the crunchiest roast potatoes you’ve ever had, and it’s like all my Christmases have come at when. Thick, craggy crusts, properly seasoned, fluffy insides.

But these roasted Greek Lemon Potatoes….

These are unlike any other roasted potato I’ve ever had due to the fact they’re flavoured all the way via. Flavoured with all THIS

How I lower potatoes for this recipe

We want chunky pieces for this recipe so they hold up to the reasonably prolonged cooking time. I reduce medium potatoes into 3 pieces, as pictured under, and large potatoes into quarters or thick wedges.


The idea behind Greek Lemon Potatoes is that they are braised in a lemon-garlic flavoured broth so they suck up all that flavour, then you proceed roasting them until the liquid evaporates, leaving behind just the oil to roast the potatoes until golden.

The concept sounds easy adequate, but in fact, it’s quite tough to do in 1 pan. I swear, it’s scientifically unattainable to roast potatoes until golden without the garlic burning. It’s one or the other – golden garlic or golden potatoes (unless, like I do with my Herb Roasted Potatoes, you include the garlic midway via cooking).

Also, I kept ending up with burnt ridges on the potato from the lemon juice and broth that caramelises on the base of the pan, and a disappointing lack of golden crusts promised by recipes I employed.

Soon after two, 3, five, 7 attempts, I threw every recipe I read through out the window (practically) and settled on an less complicated, much less risky way of creating Greek Lemon Potatoes so they come out as golden as attainable: Braise in one particular pan to suck up flavour, transfer to a tray to bake until finally golden, drizzled with the flavoured oil from Pan 1.

How to make Greek Lemon Potatoes (my safer way)

You can skip the transference stage if you want. But just be mindful that you’ll want to hold a super close eye on the potatoes and they won’t be as golden as you see in these photographs, you’ll probably end up with thin dark burnt ridges and the garlic with burn up (gee, I’m really producing this sound appetising! )

In the interest of complete transparency …

Since I dislike recipes that lie, I want to be one hundred% clear about expectations: these are not the crispiest roast potatoes in the globe. I actually feel it’s scientifically extremely hard to get significantly crispy roast potatoes once they’ve been submerged in all that lemon and broth (believe me, I experimented with my heart out!).

So if critically crunchy potatoes is what you are following – and I’m talking significantly thick crunchy crust and they remain crisp for ages – use this recipe: Truly Crunchy Roast Potatoes.

But these Greek Lemon Potatoes do have great crispy edges and some crispy surfaces (see video and photos) and in any situation, you won’t miss key crunch factor since these have so significantly a lot more flavour than any other roasted potato.

It was really scary how significantly of these I was in a position to consume in 1 sitting. I just couldn’t quit – they are so darn good!! – Nagi x