Asparagus recipe pan

Pan fried asparagus with Parmesan is a tasty side dish prepared in minutes. It’s cheesy and crunchy and goes effectively with any variety of dinner – fish, chicken, steak, turkey or pork.

It’s a single of the best side dishes to make! Why not serve it altogether with Rosemary Parmesan Roasted Potatoes at your next loved ones gathering?

What’s the very best way to cook asparagus?

Pan-frying is certainly ideal! It’s the quickest and the best way to prepare this vegetable.

How do you pan fry asparagus?

Turn on your stove, put a skillet/frying pan on and add small oil. Wait till the oil is heated up and transfer the asparagus in.

Fry/roast for one-3 minutes (based on its thickness) and you are accomplished! It’s so straightforward.

Do you have to boil asparagus prior to frying?

No. There is definitely no require to do this.

How to make pan fried asparagus with Parmesan?

Initial, rinse the asparagus under working water. Second factor to do is trim off the hard components – the woody elements at the bottom.

Heat olive oil in a skillet/frying pan and as soon as sizzling, place the asparagus in. Use a spatula, fork or anything that aids you spread the asparagus so each piece is touching the skillet/pan.

Let it fry for about twenty-thirty seconds ahead of shaking the skillet. You want the asparagus flip and this is the best way. You can also season it with salt and pepper at this stage.

The asparagus spears I employed were as thin as a pencil. It took about 1-1.five minutes to cook them, whilst turning them frequently.

When prepared, area them onto a clean baking sheet. Mix Parmesan and ground almonds with each other and generously sprinkle this above. Shake the baking sheet right up until you see all the spears are generously coated in the cheese mixture.

Now all you have to do is transfer these onto a serving plate and you are completed!

Pan fried asparagus goes effectively with Oven Baked Salmon Fillets or steak. You can also add it to a salad. My Spanish Chorizo Potato Salad has beans in it. They can be simply substituted with asparagus.

Can I make pan fried asparagus vegan?

Yes, you can. Just omit the Parmesan cheese and use ground almonds only.

Valuable suggestions for producing pan fried asparagus

  • I highly advise using olive oil (ideally extra virgin olive oil) and not substituting it with vegetable or sunflower oil. Even even though you only want a little it undoubtedly helps make a big difference!
  • If you are making use of Parmesan, you won’t require as considerably salt as Parmesan is quite salty. If using almonds, you may possibly require to season much more (but always to your taste).
  • Parmesan can be very easily substituted with Grana Padano or Pecorino. Pecorino is also really salty so don’t in excess of-season the spears when using this cheese.