Apple crumb pie

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Apple Crumb Pie is a scrumptious and effortless pie that absolutely everyone totally raves more than.

A tender flaky crust filled with sweet juicy cinnamon kissed apples all topped of with a scrumptious crumb topping.

This is the ideal apple pie to serve after any meal!

“The Best” is a fairly large statement and not one I take lightly… and “The Best” fits this Apple Crumb Pie completely!

I very first served this apple pie Thanksgiving a lot of years in the past and it was a Massive hit… and a pie that has been requested over and in excess of once more but never ever lasts long!

If you’ve ever read through my blog, you’ll know I’m a Large fan of apple desserts… you’ll uncover everything from Apple Pie Tacos and Baked Apple Pie Roll Ups to Apple Pie Egg Rolls.

This apple crumble pie is in my prime two for confident! It’s constantly ideal!

What is the Best Apple for a Pie

The base of a best apple pie commences with selecting the appropriate apples.

You’ll want an apple that is crisp and somewhat tart but will hold it’s shape even though baking.

When baking apple pie, I advise employing a Granny Smith apple as I’ve used in this apple crumb pie recipe.

Even though you definitely can use any apple, some apples have a a lot more mealy texture or are much less crisp that means your pie could turn into mushy.

How Several Apples are Necessary for a Pie

This will differ primarily based on the recipe you’re using and the topping, this particular recipe employs a delightful crumb topping so the apples are really piled sky-large.

For this apple crumb pie, you’ll need to have eight medium Granny Smith apples which will be roughly six-seven cups of apples.

How Numerous Cups is a Sliced Apple?

Normally you can expect three medium apples (approximately one pound) to generate about 2 1/2 cups of sliced apples.

Be confident to reduce your apples pretty thinly and in this apple crumble pie recipe, you’ll want to stack them wonderful and high because they will shrink down a bit as they bake!

Often be sure to peel your apples for pie as the skin can turn into tough and chewy after baked.

I use an apple peeler/corer/slicer to make this work added rapid.

They’re not that expensive and they will virtually save you hours!

One of the most delicious elements of this Apple Crumb Pie is the topping! The crumble is easy to make and this pie has lots of crumble topping!

If you discover the topping commences to brown also early, location a modest square of foil over the middle.

I use a nice deep dish pie plate and often set the pie plate on a parchment lined baking pan to bake.

The pan not only tends to make it easier to get in and out of the oven but it catches any drips or spills ought to your pie bubble in excess of!

After the pie has cooled we keep it at space temperature uncovered for up to 24 hrs.

If you bake this apple crumb pie ahead of time, you can warm it in the oven once again before serving.

We leave it at 325 degrees for about 20 minutes (heated from area temperature).

We serve this with a huge scoop of vanilla ice cream or whipped topping and caramel sauce!