2 ingredient pizza dough

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Weight Watchers Pizza Dough Recipe – just two substances in this pizza crust – no increasing time! Plus, there’s only twelve WW SP for the complete crust recipe, so if you want to eat the total issue, you just need to conserve your weekly points.

Even if you’re NOT on Excess weight Watchers, this crust is delicious. It tastes JUST like a normal pizza crust with no any of the wait time for growing!

I looooooooove pizza. Like, soooooo considerably. It ranks up there with my leading meals: brownies, pie, Taco Bell, sourdough bread, wine, and pizza. If I by no means had to worry about calories or cholesterol or diabetes, I’d only eat these factors, for real. I’d toast up bread for breakfast, hit Taco Bell for lunch, and make homemade pizza each evening for dinner.

When I made a decision that this 12 months was the 12 months of ME (and, BTW, I’m still struggling to get on the train) I was quickly unhappy due to the fact I figured I couldn’t ever have pizza once more. That thought was right away pushed out of my head because the second you say “never” is the second I consume an complete large on the way home from the pizza parlor. I can have pizza, in moderation. Can I have pizza each and every day? No. Each and every week? Almost certainly not, unless it’s only one slice and I save up my calories for it.

Now, if I can have my pizza every week, conserve up the calories, but even now eat something healthier? THAT is a total win, and that is this pizza crust recipe.

I’m calling this Fat Watchers Pizza Dough, but it’s also named two-ingredient pizza dough or skinny pizza crust or so many other issues. I didn’t invent this recipe (I have no thought who did) but I’m sharing it simply because it’s absolutely genius.

Here’s the issue: if you search diet regime pizza or skinny pizza crust, most of the time you get pizzas manufactured on flatbread or wraps or, God forbid, cauliflower pizza crust. (Now, I have experimented with cauliflower pizza crust and it’s okay but it is NOT pizza crust. It’s cauliflower and nothing about it tastes like my beloved pizza dough.)

If I’m going to eat a cheesy pizza for dinner I want the calories to count that is, why eat one thing mediocre that’s going to leave you wanting A lot more due to the fact the craving you had wasn’t happy? It’s like consuming ice milk because you’re craving ice cream. Possibilities are, you’re even now craving it when you’re accomplished. Just eat a smaller sized portion of the ice cream and move on from the craving!

I feel the identical way about Friday Evening Pizza Evening. Friday isn’t the exact same if I make instantaneous pot chicken. No, Fridays are for takeout (or copycat takeout, that is).

When you make Weight Watchers Pizza Dough, you can eat the total dough recipe for only twelve points. For you calorie counters, that’s only 520 calories for the total crust (sans toppings). But because this 2-ingredient pizza dough recipe is created with a secret ingredient, the protein is amped WAY up: there’s a whopping 17g of protein in this crust recipe.

I’m sure you’ve witnessed this prior to so you currently know what secret ingredient I’m speaking about. Do you know?

Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt. Yep, that’s appropriate. This recipe has only TWO ingredients and a single of them is a protein powerhouse.

Weight Watcher Pizza Dough has only two substances and is only twelve points (or 520 calories) for the total recipe.

So what is the other magical ingredient? Self-Rising Flour.

That’s it, my friends: % plain Greek Yogurt and Self-Increasing Flour make pizza crust. *mind explodes*

Even better: it tastes like a regular pizza crust. I guarantee. It truly does! I was nervous it would taste funny or be soggy or weird and it’s not.

It just tastes like regular pizza crust.

Of course, toppings are further calories, but if you’re dieting, my homemade pizza sauce is healthier than a lot of the ones out there. Use lower-unwanted fat cheese if you want or make it a vegetarian pizza. Split it with your husband or wife or child and you have the best portion managed Friday Evening Dinner.

Welcome back, pizza evening. We missed you so.

How to make a Weight Watchers Pizza Dough:

  1. Nonfat Plain Greek Yogurt: use your favorite brand. Just make certain it’s nonfat and plain.
  2. Self-increasing flour. Don’t have it? Verify out my publish on how to make self-rising flour.
  3. Merely stir the substances collectively and then knead on a lightly floured surface right up until the dough comes collectively. Roll it out, top it, and bake it.
  4. Want a flavorful dough? Include some granulated garlic or spices to the dough.
  5. Just make sure the pizza is cooked all the way through ahead of baking. If you want a crunchier crust, pre-bake it for a handful of minutes prior to topping it.

I can’t wait to attempt this recipe to make bread and other bread recipes!

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