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What I’ve Been Up To

So, you might be wondering if I haven’t been around for a bit due to a busy work schedule what I’ve been up to. There have been moments here and there where I’ve done a few things, but just not enough time to photograph and post as well. Often, I take pictures with my cell phone and post to instagram. (You can follow me by finding bluefrogj on Instagram.)

My mom always keeps my brother and I well fed with occasional dinners at her house. One doesn’t miss it when she calls and says, “I’m cooking a shrimp and crab gumbo for dinner.”  What you do is hightail it home, take care of the dogs, and go to her house for dinner.  And since she always makes more than enough, you get leftovers for lunch for the next day or two.

I haven’t had much time for cooking, but the little bit I’ve had I’ve used to experiment with a few things. And they both came out fairly well. This first dish is made of green beans sauteed with local, smoked pork sausage (this stuff is amazing) and toasted pine nuts that were wasting away in my pantry. Honestly, I need to use sliced almonds next time. Otherwise, this was pretty darn tasty.

My long time readers know that I gave up eating tomato based foods last year due to an allergy, and because of this I lament the lack of spaghetti in my life.  Recently, I discovered that Lidia Bastianich’s had a “white” spaghetti sauce recipe.  I gave it a try and was blown away and amazed. This has all the flavors of spaghetti that I love but without the tomato. I used the technique for the spaghetti to make a chili that was divine. I’m so happy again. :)

dog sleeping

I love this time of year where it is a bit cooler, the days are getting longer. Gabby decided to spend fall back day using her extra hour sleeping. No surprise there!

Free time I do have has been spent trying to work on knitted gifts I plan to give for Christmas or upcoming birthdays.  Why do I pick such large projects to work on? Because they are fun, that’s why!

When I want to relax a bit, I doodle while I watch TV. I’m not an artist, so I tend to follow the Vihart or Zentangle routes. They make doodling easy for the non-artist like me.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to lately. How about you?


  1. judith says:

    OMG I haven’t had good gumbo since my mom passed. You’re killing me.

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