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Turning Potstickers into Egg Rolls

This week at NEB, join me for a series of fun recipes, a giveaway, and a great Photo Friday. I’m taking a one-week blogging break as I enjoy the week with my family. You’ll see me back next week with some great stories, pictures, and bentos. Be the bento everyone!

Egg Rolls

In the last two months on Not Exactly Bento, I mentioned I made an attempt at egg rolls by modifying the potsticker recipe.  Here is the promised modification.  First, go to the potsticker recipe and grab the ingredient list as we’ll need some of it.  Then, also pick up a package of pre-shredded coleslaw from the store.

Egg Rolls
To a hot skillet, add 2 tsps of light sesame oil and about a pound of ground chicken or pork (your preference). I’m using chicken. I cooked until the chicken turned white.

Egg Rolls

Next, add the following ingredients from the potsticker recipe: pepper, salt, garlic, and soy sauce. Also add two large handfuls of the coleslaw mix. Add more shredded carrots if you want. Add enough cabbage mix to your liking. I don’t like egg rolls with too much cabbage, so I’m a little light handed with this. Cook until the cabbage cooks down a bit and is more on the limp side.

Egg Rolls

Once cooked, remove the filling from the stove and allow it to drain a bit. You’re now ready to wrap your egg rolls. Since, I totally use Steamy Kitchen’s method for frying and rolling my egg rolls, I don’t fill comfortable taking pics and sharing that here. Plus her site is more fabu.

Egg Rolls

And in one afternoon, I have a stack of beautiful, gorgeous, delicious egg rolls. You will too if you give it a try.


  1. hungry says:

    Eggrolls are so versatile. But all I want to do is still cheese in them. Hahaha!
    hungry recently posted..Lunch Week 30: Dijon Chicken, Sour Cherry Couscous, and Goat Cheese with Beets SaladMy Profile

  2. Rachelle says:

    I am so trying this… I am obsessed with egg rolls. Love the easy directions (I’m a terrible cook, too distracted).
    Rachelle recently posted..‘Free & Easy x’s 2′ eDitionMy Profile

  3. Sile says:

    Wow, those look so tasty. I haven’t made potstickers from scratch in awhile. Been lazy and buying the big bag of frozen from BJ’s. But I’ve been looking for a good egg roll recipe. I never thought to modify. YUM!

  4. A Fan says:

    Long time, no posts. Miss you!

  5. Bo W says:

    I miss your posts…hope you start back posting soon.

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