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Turkey Sandwich Bento (431)

Turkey Sandwich Bento


It isn’t often I pack a sandwich bento.  But a decent deal at Whole Foods convinced me.  While I can’t completely afford to shop there, I have found a compromise.  I purchase meat on sale elsewhere and my fruits and vegetables (which are fairly reasonably priced) at Whole Foods.  Typically, I like the look of their produce the best.

The other day while picking up a few things, they had a deal: purchase a pound of turkey breast and get carrots, bread, and cheese for free.  Worked for me. It’s how yesterday’s turkey roll ups came to be.

Last night I got home late from work. By the time I fed the dogs and took care of one critical thing that had to be done last night, it was time to go to bed.  I was exhausted, and contemplated going to bed without dinner. Then my phone rang, and it was my best friend. Always happy when she calls, I took some time to chat with her and used that time to rustle something up to eat.

In comes this sandwich.  Why is it that some bread, when toasted, turns hard as a rock? And other bread just tastes…well, toasted? This bread is one of the former types and it was like eating thin slices of rock as sandwich bread. I was tired and not all that hungry, so I only ate half.

I’m typically opposed to sandwiches as it takes some pre-planning thought to keep the bread from being completely soggy. I stuck half the bread into an ECOlunchbox last night, planning to finish packing the bento this morning. When I packed in carrots, grapes, egg, and dip for the carrots, the bread still felt fine. I have a feeling that not even a mallet would soften this stuff.

Either way, it still makes a good bento! I wonder if it will soften a bit by the time I finally eat it?

Be the bento everyone!


  1. Mom says:

    LOL Well maybe instead of being soggy today it will bring it back to freshness. One can always hope. Hope your lunch is great!

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