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Turkey Roll ups Bento (430)

Turkey wrapped around spinach, egg, and cheese

Today’s bento is a little different for me as I don’t normally pack lettuce wraps or roll ups, yet there you can see one of each.  Yesterday’s attempt at a fruit-nut-cheese salad from Bittman’s How to Eat Everything Vegetarian was a moderate success.

Moderate because I couldn’t figure out how you would eat this salad with a fork.  Grapes, even when sliced in half, are roly-poly little things. The cheese shreds and pine nuts fell off the fork as well.  What I really needed was a spoon packed in my bento box. The grape-parmesan-pine nut salad was packed on top of a piece of red leaf lettuce just for appearances sake.  About half-way through fighting with the dumb salad, I thought, “I should wrap this up.” Eating it as a lettuce wrap was much easier and even tastier.

On my way home from work yesterday, I decided I wanted to pack lettuce wrap with this fruit-nut-cheese mixture.  But what to go with it?  I kept thinking back to this Cobb salad sandwich I had tried awhile back.  I love the idea of a Cobb salad, but don’t like bleu cheese. I had made that sandwich work without the bleu cheese component.

How to Make a Turkey Roll Up

As I thought how I might execute a spin off (so to speak) of a Cobb salad sandwich, I thought about the turkey slices in my fridge.  I normally buy deli ham, not turkey.  But a sale at Whole Foods the other week convinced me to buy a pound of organic sliced turkey as I received a loaf of bread, a package of organic american cheese, and something else I now can’t remember.

A slice of turkey is packed with spinach leaves, slices of hard boiled eggs, and crumbled ricotta salata. Once filled, the slice is rolled up and placed in my bento.

Today’s bento box includes 2 turkey roll ups,  fruit-nut-cheese lettuce wrap, roasted carrots and broccoli, macaroni and cheese, cucumber slices, tangelo slices, peeled fresh plum pieces, and a bit of caramel dark chocolate.  Whew, that’s good stuff there!

Anyone else ready for lunch today?

Hope you enjoy your Tuesday everyone!  Be the bento.



  1. susan says:

    Nice idea :) like a salad but less mess. Its also an option if you’re on a healthier eating plan and trying to avoid bread ;)
    susan recently posted..Meatloaf!My Profile

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