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TJ Ribs, Baton Rouge, LA

T.J. RibsRecently, I got a new cell phone.  It was past time to upgrade, and I decided to go for the gusto and get a phone smarter than I am.  And as I chose which phone I wanted I didn’t look at apps, battery life, screen size, or anything like that.  I looked at the camera specs on the phone.  That’s right.  I chose my new cell phone based on the camera MP.  Why?  Because I’ve wanted for a long time to take pictures of the places I eat, but I don’t haul  my big, fancy Nikon camera everywhere.  First, that’s just too much to haul around.  Second, I’m so scared I’m going to break it.  And third, it is often right in my kitchen where I can grab it quick as I’m working on taking pictures for this blog.

With the new phone in hand, I decided to test it out at one of my all-time favorite eaterys in Baton Rouge: TJ Ribs.  TJ’s has been around for as long as I can remember.  And it is awesome.  Great bbq, great appetizers.  My mom and I sometimes go there just to have a nice “girls only” meal of appetizers: nachos, spinach dip, chimichangas.

Eesh, writing this post just makes me want to go back.  The pictures might not be overly stellar, but they will get across how much I love this place.  (And for a little camera phone, I’m pretty pleased with how the pics came out.  So, on to the menu.

T.j. menu 02

Whenever I go, I almost always get the chimichangas as an appetizer.  They aren’t fancy: just bbq beef or chicken rolled up in a flour tortilla and fried.  But geez they are good.  You get three on the plate, and they aren’t small.  They are a meal in themselves.  Normally, I get them, eat 1/2 of one for an appetizer and bring the rest home for lunch the next day.  YUM!


Here they are in all there glory.  They are always served with more BBQ sauce for dipping, drizzling etc.  I’m not a person that likes my food swimming in a sauce, so I normally forgo adding any more BBQ sauce.  And TJ’s has a really nice sauce with a good zing to it but it isn’t too spicy or hot.  Though there is a bottle of spicy BBQ sauce on the table if you prefer.

Chimichangas 02

A quick shot of the first bite of bbq beef goodness.  Oh, it just gets better from here.

T.j. menu inside 01

Since I’m a creature of habit, I normally order the same thing each time too.  Combo #2: TJ’s Select ribs and 1/4 BBQ Chicken for $10.95.  A reasonable price for some bbq and 2 sides.

T.J.'s #2 combo platter

Ah my plate of BBQ. I want some more just thinking about it. This is where no camera will do this plate justice without some really great lighting and a good photography studio. B/c TJ’s is slightly dim and that’s dark BBQ on a dark plate. But the meat is super tender and juicy, falling off the bone onto your fork. And it has that amazing crispiness on the outside of the meat that signifies it has been smoked and cooked for eons before serving you. Yeah, it’s good BBQ.

Baked potato @ T.J.'s

As for my two sides, I normally just do the substitution: substitute your two sides for a honking, fully loaded baked potato. Ah, such goodness.

T.J.'s coleslaw

But sometimes, like this time, I also order a side of their coleslaw. Which always comes with salted peanuts on top. I don’t know why. It’s the only place I know that does this, but it is a good idea. Very tasty.

T.J.'s take home.

These are the leftovers I took home: two chimichangas, half the ribs, and half the baked potato. This was enough for two more meals at my house after I fixed some green beans as a side dish. YUM!

I dont’ think I have to tell you I highly recommend TJ Ribs if you’re ever in the Baton Rouge area! And I’m loving this new camera phone. I’ll be able to share pics of all those places I love so much, have talked about, but have never photographed.

Be the bento everyone!

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