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The Greedy Squirrel

Photo Friday is my day to share my photographs of the moment and my thoughts associated with them. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy sharing them.

The Greedy Squirrel

Every time I sit down to write this post, I put it aside because something better comes along. And this week I decided to put whatever comes along better back to next week because this post was supposed to post last week (or earlier). Whew! What a mouthful. But you get the idea. These pictures have been languishing on my Flickr photostream waiting for me to share them with the NEB world.

I couldn’t let them wait any longer because it is time to show you the next named creature in my yard: The Greedy Squirrel, nickname simply Greedy. Greedy sits on my back fence like the doves and other unmentionable birds that grace my backyard.  It’s not often that he sits there and I get the chance to snap a picture or two as the dogs will chase him any chance they get.  Sometimes he sits on that crossbar at the top of the fence and peers over it looking to see if the dogs are paying attention.  They may at times allow the birds to swoop and peck in the yard, but not Greedy.

The Greedy Squirrel

It wasn’t until the dogs were feeling particularly lazy one Saturday afternoon and didn’t want to go outside that I got the chance to really observe this squirrel, and realize that he was the reason the bird feed was disappearing so fast. I had suspected as much, but I had no proof. As well, I believed the bird feed’s packaging when it claimed safflower seeds were uninteresting to squirrels. Let me tell you now. They lied.

The Greedy Squirrel

The Greedy Squirrel

The Greedy Squirrel

I don’t really care if he does like safflower seeds. As long as he doesn’t scare away the birds, Greedy and I get along just fine. And as they seem to share the bird feeder, I’ll just buy feed. And as long as he doesn’t bring his multitude of family and friends. Which so far, he hasn’t. He must be keeping this foodie secret all to himself. I don’t blame him. I do the same sometimes.


  1. Mom says:

    Great Pictures ! Like the one where he is actually eating out of the feeder.

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks. He was brave enough to actually come into the yard today, crawl down to the grass, and eat dropped bird seed off the ground. I didn’t know this as I walked the dogs outside, and then the chase was on. I think all parties involved were a bit winded in the end.

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