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ECOlunchboxes Review


After nearly 2 weeks of using these stainless steel bento boxes, I’m ready for an ECOlunchboxes review. Many readers have asked me over the years to suggest a non-plastic lunch option. While I’ve always suggested a company I trust, I don’t actually use non-plastic boxes myself. I prefer to offer suggestions on products I have [...]

monbento Box Review

Monbento Box Review

My official monbento box review is finally here. I’ve seen this box on Bento & Company for awhile now and when it came to Amazon

New Klip-It Boxes.

Klip-It Hot Pink

It has been nearly a year since I purchased every Lock & Lock lunch box (almost) LnL had available at the time.  While I love my Lock & Lock boxes, I’m bored.  Plus, I recently (whoa, maybe not so recently…my how time flies) gave many of them away as I found there was a whole pile of [...]

Two Lunch Sets, One Review

Lock & Lock Large Set

Before I get going with today’s review, I want to announce that the second Lightroom Tutorial is up on NEB photos.  I meant to announce it much earlier in the week, but with all the excitement about the great Lock & Lock deal this week, I kept forgetting.  Now, on with the review. It feels [...]

Review: Lock & Lock Square Lunch Set


I started this whole Lock & Lock review process because of my need for new bento boxes.  I ordered my first new set from Amazon, then afterwards discovered that Lock & Lock had finally opened a new US website and it was all downhill from there.  This particular set was purchased as an after thought [...]

The Mini vs The Slim (Lock & Lock Review)

Lock & Lock Mini vs Slim

I’m sitting here this morning nearly half-asleep as I write today’s post. Good thing, I made notes about this post last night before a late turn-in time; otherwise, I would be incoherent. But not even a super-long workday followed up by a bit of work at home is going to stop me from posting today’s [...]

Review: Lock & Lock Mini Lunch Box

Lock & Lock Mini Lunch Box

I’ve showed off bentos packed in Lock & Lock’s Mini Lunch Box this week, and while only two were shown, I’ve used a 2nd box for dinners…as well as the sister box, The Slim.  It’s time to get into the details of this box and how I like it.  I want to thank All Things [...]

Review: Easy Lunchboxes

Bento 299

I mentioned recently that I was contacted by Kelly Lester, the creator of Easy Lunchboxes. The contact was to guage my interest in accepting and reviewing a set of Easy Lunchboxes here on Not Exactly Bento. Always on the lookout for something new and unique, I agreed to accept a set for review.  I’ve tried them out, [...]

Drum Roll, Please!

Update on this Lock & Lock Box: The seller for this box on Ebay was: Unfortunately, this seller doesn’t have any more items listed. I have e-mailed the seller to ask if there are any more on the horizon. If there are, I’ll be sure to update here. Now if you are in Australia, [...]