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Bento: Spring, Please Come Quick (284)

bento 284

I am soooo ready for spring to come back and lead into summer.  Louisiana has had a cold, wet winter this year.  Snow more than once this winter.  This is just so unusual for us.  I wear shorts for Christmas nearly as many years as I wear pants.  That’s just our weather.  I don’t even [...]

Bento: Meatloaf & Such (283)

bento 283

  Today’s bento contains much of the same as yesterday: meatloaf, eggrolls, steamed carrots, baked sweet potato, pan-grilled zucchini & red onion, and apple cake. When I went to pack today’s meal, I realized that my Lock & Lock bento box set would work wonderfully for this bento.  It’s not often that I have enough [...]

Bento: Eating in the Round (282)

bento 282

For quite some time, I’ve looked for glass containers to use as bento boxes.  Nothing has quite worked, leaving me feeling a bit like the Goldilocks of Bento Boxes.  Some containers were too small.  Some containers were too large.  And none were just right…until now.  I was given a gift certificate to Sur la Table [...]

Bento: Chilitos (281)

bento 281

  It’s cold.  When it’s cold, I like to eat hearty things, like chili.  I mentioned this a few weeks ago when I first shared that I had made deer chili and was eating it with oyster crackers.  Yesterday, I pulled a bowl of chili from the freezer to eat.  It’s cold.  I need warming.  [...]

Bento: Cajun Chicken Pasta Modified (280)

bento 280

  Last week, I ate the same thing nearly everyday for lunch: a modified version of Cajun Chicken Pasta.  The recipe was modified because I didn’t have one of the key ingredients to making the sauce for the dish: cream.  It was the evening time after work.  The recipe is quick to make…if you have [...]

Bento: Deer Chili (279)

If you don’t like the thought of a dish with wild game, don’t even want to see it, or have aversions to eating deer, please skip this post. I’ll totally understand. However, if you don’t mind any of the above, please read on. This is hands down one of the best bowls of chili I’ve [...]

Bento: Back to Basics (269 & 270)

It’s back to basics for me with this bento. I’m not about to go into a long drawn out discussion of my life and bento. Because that’s not what I mean about “back to basics.” Time is limited at the moment. I don’t have alot of it to spend trying new recipes, new foods, and [...]

Bento: Spinach Quesadilla (268)

Monday night, I wanted to enjoy my cous cous dish again, but didn’t want to eat more black bean burgers for dinner. I had them at lunch. While great and tasty, a whole week of black bean burgers and Spanish style cous cous seemed daunting. I decided to make spinach quesadillas for dinner. I only [...]

Bento: Black Bean Burgers (267)

This was dinner Sunday night: a slightly failed attempt at black bean burgers with a superb attempt at a “spanish rice” recipe with sour cream, guacamole, and a bit of shredded cheese. I can’t tell you how pleased I was overall with this dinner. I’ve been searching for some Mexican flared dishes since that is [...]