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Bento: It’s All Homemade (190)

Here it is! Today’s bento! I’m super happy with it, though it might not look overly exciting.  Then why am I excited do you ask?  Because it is all Asian inspired dishes that I actually like.  I feel like this is a real coup for me bento-wise.  Most of my bentos have no connection at [...]

Bento: Chicken Stir Fry (189)

I’m so feeling the love with this bento tonight.  Tonight, I’m going to go to sleep with a big ol’ smile on my face because my lunch for tomorrow is packed, my kitchen is clean, and I have leftovers for another day or so of bento.  WOOHOO!  I can’t tell you how very seldom that [...]

Bento: Steak Dinner (188)

Last week, my father celebrated his birthday.  (Happy Birthday again Dad!)  This past weekend, my mom invited us all over for grilled steaks.  The steaks were gargantuan, and I couldn’t finish mine.  I brought the leftovers home for my bento today. Today’s bento includes: Left: Sliced grilled smoked sausage and cut-up chunks of steak, black [...]

Bento: The Motherload (187)

I’m calling this bento “The Motherload” due to its size.  This is two Putifresh tight seal boxes from Ichiban Kan.  These boxes measure 480ml each, so two together would equal 960ml.  This is way bigger than what I’m supposed to have.  However, sometimes a larger box works better depending on the type of food you’re [...]

Bento: Chicken Fajita (186)

Before I get into today’s lunch, I wanted to say that I’ve decided I’m switching back to my macro lens tomorrow.  I’ve been using a different lens (my 50mm f/1.8) that is similar to one used by The Pioneer Woman for her food photography.  I often like her pictures, and I just wanted to see [...]

Bento: More Cajun Chicken Pasta (185)

Here is today’s bento, featuring what is near-to-the-last of the Cajun Chicken Pasta and packed in my oldie but goodie Urara Lube Sheep box.  Also, I just wanted to let you know that today’s bento is brought to you by the letter “O,” for orange.  I seriously need to get to the produce stand.  Seriously… [...]

Bento: Cajun Chicken Pasta (184)

Sunday, I purchased a package of sweet bellpeppers in the triumvirate colors: red, orange, and yellow.  I wanted to make a dish with them, and this is the dish I found to make: Cajun Chicken Pasta.  This was super easy to make and oooohhhh so delicious.  I’ve decided that I’m going to have to make [...]

Hello Again & A Bento (183)

I truly believe that sharing my foibles, mistakes, and mishaps here on NEB that I’ll save some other amateur blogger like me time and effort.  So, here’s today’s tip to the blogging wise. When you’re placed on enough medication that you have to set your alarm clock and create a chart on the refrigerator door, [...]

Bento: Baked BBQ Chicken (174)

This was one super-quick and easy dinner which has turned into a really great bento.  There’s nothing like a bento you’re looking forward to eating to ease the pain of a Monday.  Today’s bento includes a baked chicken leg slathered is a small bit of BBQ sauce, steamed carrots, 2 deviled eggs, and garlic mashed [...]