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Bento: Christmas Leftovers (54)

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Pictures for this post were lost in a blog shuffle many moons ago. If I ever find them again, I will post them! Sorry for the inconvenience This isn’t actually bento #54.  It is probably more like 56 or 57.  I had a few in there I forgot to take pictures of with holiday madness.  [...]

Bento: Go To Bentos (52 & 53)

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Pictures for this post were lost in a blog shuffle many moons ago. If I ever find them again, I will post them! Sorry for the inconvenience This past week at work was crazy.  Lots of meetings that meant eating out with coworkers and such.  I only packed 2 bentos for myself.  Both bentos contained [...]

Bento: Pack. Eat. Repeat. (48-51)

bento 048

Whew! This has been a busy week at work. I haven’t had a chance to do any posting because of it. Here are my lunches for this week. Monday & Tuesday’s lunches (Bento #48-49) were exactly the same. They included: Mini hamburger patty, corn, cucumber, carrots, 1/2 an egg. Wednesday’s lunch (Bento #50) included: Loose [...]

Bento: Pork Tenderloin Tortillas (47)

bento 047

Some of yesterday’s tasty pork tenderloin became leftovers for today’s bento. Amazing how something that was cooked specifically for this week’s bentos could be a leftover…odd. Anyhow, I took some of the pork tenderloin and cut it into small chunks, added some boiled corn kernels (cut from the cob), and topped with mozzarella cheese. It [...]

Bento: Roast Pork Tenderloin (46)

bento 046

Take a look at this; it will absolutely make you salivate! This roasted pork tenderloin recipe was so delicious an expletive escaped my lips every time I took a bite. It was uber-easy too. I highly recommend trying it. All you need is about 6 basic spices, an oven, and the tenderloin. This vision of [...]

Bento: Faked BBQ Sausage (45)

bento 045

Okay readers. I’m back! It’s been about a week since my last post. It hasn’t been a good bento week with continued kitchen revamp work and some overtime at my real job. So, here’s everything that I want to report. Get ready, it’s gonna be a long post! Plus, I’m not showing off the bento [...]

Bento: Chili Roll-ups (44)

bento 044

YAY! I have a bento for tomorrow. The kitchen and living room are still in shambles as I continue work on repainting my kitchen. A cold front brought some coldish weather that is not real conducive to allowing paint to dry. The upcoming weekend forecasts calls for warmer, clearer weather. So hopefully, I will be [...]

Bento: Butternut Squash (43)

bento 043

Now, doesn’t this look just yummy? Before you ask, the yellowy orange stuff is not sweet potato. It is butternut squash. You might wonder what made me pick up a squash. First, I’ve never eaten any type of squash before this moment. In the interest of trying new foods, squash has been on my “Foods [...]

Bento: More Pomegranate with a Little Steak Mixed In (42)

bento 042

I’m so excited about this post and its accompanying bento, I’m nearly giddy! Tonight for dinner, I decided to try out the Pomegranate and Pine Nut Pilaf Recipe I found while searching for things to do with the original pomegranate I had purchased. I used the last of that pomegranate for the chicken recipe in [...]