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Strawberry Salad Bento (442)

I woke up Saturday morning at 7:15 a.m. and thought, “If I get ready really quickly, I can make it to the farmer’s market just as it opens.” Arriving just as it opens means I have top pick of the offerings for the week. I shook the sleep from my eyes, fed the dogs, threw on my shoes and clothes for the day, and was on the road in plenty of time to get there.

I chose carefully for once, not just thinking about veggies but what I needed for my whole week. $40 brought home a whole chicken, 3 pounds of sausage, kale, brussel sprouts, strawberries, hydroponic lettuce, meyer lemons, blood oranges, fresh organic eggs, and two brioche sticky buns for my breakfast.

This morning, I washed some of the baby romaine lettuce, chopped it up finely and added thinly sliced strawberries on top. Balsamic vinaigrette will top it for what I’m hoping to be a quick tasty salad. One blood orange that nearly refused to peel and give up its sweetness to my bento box rests in the upper right corner. Stop here and you have a tasty vegetarian bento.

However, I didn’t stop there because I know that salad and orange isn’t enough to keep me going the whole day. ¬†As well, I had the last of a pork sausage and apple recipe I made this weekend that tastes amazing. Packed with one slice of cheese toast, I’m ready for lunch!

It’s a beautiful lunch day! How’s your lunch shaping up today? Be the bento everyone!


  1. Heather says:

    Mmmmmmmm sausage! Lol. This looks delicious!
    Heather recently posted..The lost hamburger patties (Bento #322)My Profile

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