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Soup and Homemade Crackers Bento (440)


Lately, I’ve had a real craving for cheese crackers. It all started with my wanting to make some chicken and wild rice soup this weekend. For whatever reason, I wanted to eat cheese crackers with my soup.

I looked around at the usual culprits found at my local grocery store and none of them seemed appealing anymore. You see, I think I’m ruined. Around Christmas time, someone gave me this box of cheese straws that were made of a wonderfully strong and sharp cheddar, but had a kick of cayenne in the mix. I loved their taste, but not that after bite of heat. You all know I’m a spice wuss. I ended up giving the rest of them to a young cousin whose delight in ultra spicy food defies logic.

So I stood there in the grocery aisle looking at the cheese cracker offerings and wishing I had those cheese straws, minus the heat. Something really cheesy tasting. Frustrated, I left that aisle and picked up a package of shredded cheese, making a goal to find a recipe this weekend. And I did on a new-to-me website called Joy the Baker, anyone read her blog?

Recipe verdict: super simple, super easy, baked quickly, ready to try again with tweaks. I’d like to get a stronger, sharper cheese next time for a more pungent flavor. I’d like to make the addition of garlic powder and smoked paprika stronger to get a smoky, garlicky taste. And I’d like to try to add a bit of whole wheat to the cracker. But this recipe find is a keeper.

For lunch today, I have chicken and wild rice soup with homemade cheese crackers (!), tamagoyaki, orange slices, and a wee bit of banana.  The Chobani blueberry with almond slices will be for a morning snack. Extra crackers are packed for an afternoon bite. As I look at this picture, I remind myself that I really must write a post on 10 things to do with a roasted chicken, as that is how my eating life rolls these days.

In the meantime, Happy Monday and Be the bento everyone! Let me know what you’re having for lunch today.



  1. Mom says:

    Not for lunch but think I am aiming for some meaty homemade soup for supper. I am not a soup person but this damp, cold weather just calls for it. Love your crackers ! They look delicious and I love a cheddar cheese cracker.

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