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Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen (NYC 2012)

Starting Sept. 2, 2012, until I’m done, one post about my fabulous New York City 2012 vacation will post until I’ve finished sharing all the fabulousness with my readers. I have lots more on the horizon for NEB and my New York City posts need to complete before I can. I hope you have fun reading them.

Drink Cup at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen

Drink Cup at Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen

During my NYC vacation, there were a few days were Feisty Foodie and I hung out together all day. One of them, she walked us to Schnipper’s Quality Kitchen. I was in the mood for a burger for lunch, and she had wanted to try this place for some time. Win-win for us both.

Schnipper's Classic Burger with Fries

Schnipper’s Classic Burger with Fries

I went with a basic burger and fries as my choice: Schnipper’s Classic Burger.  Before I get to the burger, let me tell you about those fries.  They were perfect for me.  Nice and crispy wonderfulness.  Honestly, I enjoyed them more than the burger.

Cross Section of the Schnipper's Classic Burger

Cross Section of the Schnipper’s Classic Burger

For me, I felt there burger was a little on the bland and overcooked side.  I didn’t taste any seasoning in the meat and it was cooked a bit past the point of medium in my opinion.  However, their special cheese blend, special sauce, and bacon were all cooked just right.  I was a little worried about the addition of arugula on this burger as I’m not usually a fan of this particular lettuce type; however in this mix of ingredients, it worked.

Market Salad at Schnipper's Quality Kitchen, NYC 2012

Fresh Market Salad

While Schnipper’s burger isn’t on my list of “one of the best I’ve ever eaten,” it’s definitely a good choice if you’re nearby. If I find myself in NYC again with a Schnipper’s close by, I’m going in to try all the things on the menu that caught my eye I didn’t get a chance to try. Like the hot dog. Or the thick cut onion rings. And most definitely the fresh market salad that Feisty Foodie ordered that I thought was so gorgeous I wanted to do a face plant in it!

Oh my gosh. I just made myself hungry! Be the bento everyone. :)


  1. arkonite says:

    You have the biggest knack of making me hungry and we’re on opposite sides of the world! This means I usually get munchies reading your posts, like now, at almost 1am :)
    arkonite recently posted..chorizo tomato pasta sauceMy Profile

  2. Yvo says:

    Heh! I wonder why you didn’t tell the world how much I ordered and proceeded to eat that day… :D
    Yvo recently posted..The Art of PoisonMy Profile

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