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Salad in a New Container (412)

The thing about packing the same thing for lunch everyday is that you need some sort of variety.  Maybe you add a little something different to your box that day, change it’s look, or, even, use a whole different box.  Lately, I have been on a real bento box buying spree, as I feel the need for a bit of a refresh on my collection.  I’ve ordered three more MonBento boxes yesterday.  Then while shopping at Target last night after work, I decided to cruise down their food storage aisle.  When I first started bento back in September 2007, Target and Winn-Dixie were the two places I found most of my beginning bento supplies (they had the stuff I liked the most).  So last night as I was cruising down the food storage aisle and laid eyes on Rubbermaid’s new-to-me “Lunch Blox” systems, I have to say I was intrigued.  So even though I have 3 bento boxes winging their way to me through the mail, I picked up this box last night to try out.

I’m not going to review the set today, but will be back with what I think next week.  Today, I’m just showing off what I packed in my box.  The whole thing fits in the lunch bag I most often take to work (a Built NY bag).  It was easy to pack, and I decided to put the salad container in another part of the box (on top of the salad and under that top tier) so I would have room for more food stuffs.  :)

Today’s salad was chopped romaine lettuce, mini cucumbers, and a hard boiled egg.  I’ll squeeze a bit of lemon juice in there for a bright taste.  Take a look at the sides of the box and you will see their is an indentation that supports the top tier.  After photographing, I placed the top on the sauce container and set it next to the egg.  I think things are secure enough to where the dressing won’t leak, but I will certainly find out soon enough.

The top tier is divided into 3 compartments and is microwavable, though I won’t need that capability today.  I packed croutons in the smallest section, helpful if you’re trying not to pack too many of those little things.  The other two sections contain pineapple, cherries, and 2 pieces of Dove dark chocolate sea salt caramels (holy moly!)

Hope ya’ll are enjoying your lunch today too.  Let me know what you’re eating!

And don’t forget to “Be the bento everyone!”


  1. Megg says:

    I have the sandwich one, and will be getting the salad one. The great part about the system is that you can buy other containers to fit/lock with the ones you have. I love mine!

    • Jenn says:

      Thanks for the comment Megg! I liked it. A few issues, but otherwise nice box for salads. Might have to get the sandwich one too. Wish they sold those little dressing containers separately.

  2. arkonite says:

    Nice box Jenn :) tho rubbermaid isn’t a brand I can get here in the UK for lunch gear :(
    I’m swaying more towards the sistema range for my lunches now. I’ve actually donated a lot of my bento box colllection to the charity shop (thrift stores you call them I think?)
    I’ve only kept a few ‘proper’ bento boxes as they were ones I really really really used and my lock n lock sets as they were soooooo hard for me to get in the UK!
    if anyone wants to see the Sistema range, you can find it at

    • Jenn says:

      It’s the opposite for me. Rubbermaid is everywhere. Klip-It I’ve only seen in one store. That’s why I don’t use it much here on the blog. It’s only in one place and sort of pricey too. But excellent boxes! I envy your ability to get them so easily. :)

  3. rose says:

    Here in Holland Bento boxes are not common. We (bentobuddies) try to be creative, we use boxes that are actually used for other stuff, like babypowder. Check out our blog if you are curious to see what we came up with.

    I like the sharing of information where to buy the good boxes. And thanks to the internet we can search around the world!

    Thanx for all the good tips and tricks!

    *** Have a happy bento day! ***


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