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Relatively Wordless Wednesday: Copycat Lemon Tart

Copycat Ai Fiori Lemon Tart (Attempt #1)

The experimentation has begun.  I keep thinking about that lemon tart I had at Ai Fiori, NYC and how I would make it at home.  Step 1 began with a recipe for the lemon filling from Smitten Kitchen and a recipe for a chocolate nut butter filling from Gabby’s Gluten Free.  The shell is a phyllo dough tart shell.  There were some misses with this; there were some hits.  The filling is super simple, but I really do Meyer lemons.  The nut butter was nice, but I definitely want to explore making my own almond or hazelnut creme.  I am definitely trying SK’s recipe for a tart shell next time.  The phyllo shells were just to tied me over while I worked on the filling.

But we’re close, my friends!  So much closer to a home version that I thought I could be on my first attempt.


(Hope y’all are enjoying a lovely day!  Be the bento everyone!)


  1. Mom says:

    Looks like something you need to taste test on your parents LOL.

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