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Recipe: Pork Loin Roast

Last night at the grocery store, I found this pork loin roast.  I’ve never cooked one before, the price was right, it seemed the right size for just me.  And I bought it.

Then I brought it home and thought, “Heck, what do I DO with it?”

That question lead to a call to my mother, who ALWAYS has great suggestions.  The only problem is she’s not a measure and cook sort.  She’s a by taste cook.  Sometimes that doesn’t work out so well for me.  So I’m keeping fingers crossed for this particular roast.

Slits were cut in the meat and garlic cloves are inserted into the roast all over the place.  I took a wee bit of olive oil (about a 1/2 tsp to 1 tsp) and rubbed it all on the outside of the roast.  Next, I sprinkled Tony Chachere’s, salt, and pepper on the outside of the roast.  I also sprinkled wee, tiny bits of onion powder and garlic powder to help deepen those flavors.  A generous helping of worchestershire sauce was poured over it.  Finally, onions are laid out across the pork roast.

The whole pan is covered up and marinating in my fridge.  Tonight after work, I’m going to come home and cook it on 325 for 10-15 minutes per pound.  It is only a 3.5 pound roast, so it won’t take too long to cook.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.  I hope this comes out well.  I will be back to report on how it worked out and to finish out the recipe.

Here’s the roast, cooked and delicious.  I must say for not having a recipe this came out near to perfect for me.  The large split in the top of the roast is due to a cut I made to check doneness after the first cooking time: 15 minutes per pound.  This was an estimate that my mom gave me.  This roast ended up cooking more like 20-25 minutes per pound.  Instead of a short 45 minutes to cook, it cooked for nearly 2 hours.  After the initial cooking time, I checked with my Mom again to make sure I had that cooking time right.  I did, but she said not to worry.  Just keep cooking it and, “make sure to baste it.”  So every 20 minutes I poured the juices in the pan over the roast, and that definitely seems to have kept it from drying out. 

This roast turned out nice and juicy.  It was a beautiful color.  The outside browned just right.  During the first 45 minutes of cooking, I kept an aluminum foil cover over the pan.  For the remainder of the time, I took off the aluminum foil so that outside of the roast could brown right.

As I sliced it, the big hunks of garlic fell out, roasted and browned and beautiful.  The whole roast is infused with this wonderful garlic flavor, just how I like it.    I now have so much meat from this roast, I’m debeting what all I want to do with it.  I’m tempted to make soft tacos for lunch since I have some tortillas leftover from quesadillas earlier in the week.  Then, there is always roast and potatoes.  I have the potatoes since I planned to make that with this roast anyway.  But then I got sidetracked by another idea last night…..tune in for the next post for that one.


  1. LizAndrsn says:

    Looks yummy to me — too bad we aren’t neighbors! I’d bring garlic mashed potatos and green beans to round out that meal.

    Pork roasts are a real steal at the grocery — usually not too pricey and you can season them 1000 ways. And if it cooks too far and completely falls off the bone? Slather it in BBQ sauce and call it pulled pork. All hail the piggie! I just hope you like it, too.

  2. Susan says:

    Jenn, I’m positive the roast turned out great! Haven’t commented in ages due to being off the radar for a new job. Fingers crossed I get back on the bento wagon! I look forward to hearing how your roast tasted!

  3. Yvo says:

    Step one – buy or make ciabatta bread
    Step two – roast shallots in balsamic vinegar / food process into a ‘jam’ or ‘marmalade’
    Step three – layer slices of pork roast on ciabatta bread, spread shallot marmalade generously, add a small bit of arugula, close sandwich
    Step four – take pictures to send to Yvo
    Step five – dig in and laugh evilly like the b* that you are since I can’t go over and have some

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