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Pizza Bianca Bento (428)

Bento featuring pizza inspired by Otto Pizzaria in NYC

My bento box today is full of so much awesomeness I can hardly contain myself.  I very nearly ate the very last piece of the pizza you see above for breakfast.  But I resisted.  It will make a great little side piece to dinner tonight.  But the temptation was great I tell you.  GREAT!  Why? Because this pizza is completely homemade! And delicious.

Bento featuring pizza inspired by Otto Pizzaria in NYC

What’s that you say, Jenn?  You made homemade pizza?  Get outta town!

No, really!  I did.  Why? Because the pizza I ate at Otto Pizzaria in New York City has stuck in my head and my heart like a long lost friend you wish you could see again.  I’ve spent the last two weeks quizzing Feisty Foodie about how she thought this pizza was made.  I’ve read articles on pizza dough, pizza bianca, white pizza, and more.

Last night, I made my first attempt, and a fabulous attempt it was.  The pizza dough recipe is from Michael Ruhlman’s book ratio, though you can find his recipe on his site. It’s a plain cheese pizza, reminiscent of the one I enjoyed in NYC.  The thin, crispy dough is topped with a thin layer of ricotta cheese mixed with garlic olive oil and minced garlic.  Mounds of mozzarella and parmesan cheese sit atop the ricotta and turned into melty, oozy goodness in the oven. Can you tell how pleased I am about this dish?

I made a small pizza last night.  Half was dinner, and two slices appear in my bento box above.  Slices of homemade roasted chicken, sugar snap peas, and a hard boiled egg round out the first tier of this box.  If you want to make this bento vegetarian for yourself, you could omit the chicken slices.

Bento featuring pizza inspired by Otto Pizzaria in NYC

What would have been a bento lunch to end all bento lunches could have happened if I had some truffle honey and ricotta salata hanging around the house.  Then that spinach would have turned into the magical salad I had at Otto, and my bento life just might be complete.  Instead, it turns into a fab Caesar salad (dressing not shown) with a squirt of lemon and some cucumbers.  Plums and grapes act as a sweet treat for the end of the meal.

I have pizza dough left over.  My goal is to make something with it this weekend and take pictures.

Another goal is to make the pizza dough and share that recipe with you too.  My mom wants a pizza party this weekend after seeing a picture of this pizza.  Who am I to deny her!  Pizza dough making is in my future this weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! Don’t forget to be the bento.


  1. Stephanie says:

    Pizza dough is something on my ‘to conquer’ list next year. Everything looks great!
    Stephanie recently posted..LautMy Profile

  2. This does look great Jenn! I found a nice pizza dough recipe that I put everything in the bread machine and hit dough cycle and whala! I will be looking forward to see yours.
    Lyndsey@TinySkillet recently posted..Black Rice PastaMy Profile

  3. Yvo says:

    LOVE it. Absolutely.
    Yvo recently posted..Lunch: Avocado with TunaMy Profile

  4. susan says:

    Oh I feel more experimentation coming on :)
    susan recently posted..Meatloaf!My Profile

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