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Petit Amuse Sampler Box (Review)

Box I recieved for review from Petit Amuse

It’s not often that I accept a company’s offer to accept a product for review on Not Exactly Bento.  I’m really particular about what I recommend to my readers when it is a product I haven’t purchased myself.  However in the last few weeks, several companies have caught my interest, and Petit Amuse is one of them.  When I was first contacted by Petit Amuse and visited their website, the whole concept intrigued me as it seemed to line up with my the philosophy that drives Not Exactly Bento: expand my food horizons.  $10 a month gets you a sampler box of gourmet food items for you to try out.  I decided to go for it.  Let’s see what I got.

My box contained five items, some of which really stretched the thought concepts of my tastebuds.  A concept I live by here on Not Exactly Bento is to try new things and to broaden my palate.  So when I read about Petit Amuse, I thought, “What better way to do that they having a wee box of gourmet items arrive on my doorstep each month?”

Here’s what I received:

  • Cha-Cha cookie by Lark Fine Foods – A spicy, chocolate shortbread cookie with a smooth dark chocolate flavor and a surprising kick in the finish.  I give this cookie a big 8 on the scale of cookies.  It’s pretty darn good.
  • Salted Rosemary Shortbread by Lark Fine Foods – However, the chocolate cookie, well excellent, didn’t hold a candle to this cookie, which I give a big fat perfect 10.  This cookie really surprised me.  If I saw it in a store, I wouldn’t buy it.  I’m not a fan of rosemary, at all.  I only ate it because it came in the box and felt I had to in order to review the box.  Oh dear goodness.  I love shortbread.  A small hint of herby rosemary flavor (wasn’t too strong at all) coupled with that sea salt finish.  I’m gonna need to budget to purchase a box of these for the house.  Seriously good cookie.
  • Oogies Gourmet Popcorn – Popcorn with a sundried tomato and parmesan flavoring.  This was interesting.  Almost like eating the flavors of your favorite Italian pasta in popcorn form.  I’m not calling this one good or bad.  I’m still thinking on it, which means this food did stretch my tastebud boundaries quite a bit.  I like it when foods make me think.
  • Garuka Bars Raw Honey bar – I haven’t tried this one yet.  It is actually packed in my lunch bag to go to work with me today.  I’m looking forward to trying it!
  • Ice Wine Jelly – I truly don’t know what this stuff is and had never heard of it before receive the box.  I have to do more research before trying it out.

So what’s my opinion of Petit Amuse’s sampler box?

It’s a win.  This box did exactly what I thought it would do: it stretch my boundaries food wise.  Since everything is a sample, they actual work well in bento.  Little bits of things that fit into my lunch box.  That’s another plus for me.  I’m actually considering signing up for a few months.  It’s a month-to-month subscription that I can also cancel if my budget can’t swing it that month, then restart again when I’m ready.

My only disappointment with the box is that I couldn’t find everything in the box on the website, or so I thought.  I did a search for the Garuka Bar and I received “No results found.”  Hmmm.  Looking by category I couldn’t figure out where the Garuka Bar would be on the website.  A few browses through different categories netted zero.  When I browsed by producer, I found the company, and subsequently, their product.  The problem?  I was spelling the companies name as one word (due to packaging) when it was really one word.  I’d like to see a search function that could help with this.

If any of my readers are already familiar with Petit Amuse, please express your thoughts in the comments below.  I’d love to hear from you.  If you want to read more information about their sampler box, please visit their “How it Works” page.

Disclaimer: I received one sampler box free of charge for possible review on Not Exactly Bento.  I was under no obligation to review the box or give a positive review.  As I enjoyed greatly enjoyed 2 of the 3 items I taste tested from the box, and am looking forward to trying the raw honey bar today, I felt that Petit Amuse’s sampler box hit all the right notes for my purposes.  This review is my honest opinion of the quality of items found within the Petit Amuse sampler box.

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