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Apple & Brie Breakfast Sandwich Bento

Apple and Brie Breakfast Sandwich Bento

The sandwich in today's bento box is the current apple of my eye (pun intended). It all started when my brother contacted me one weekend last month, "Have you eaten breakfast? You should eat breakfast. Breakfast is good for you." Which is Jason speak … [Continue reading]

Sausage Pizza Bento (436)

Bento 436 Sausage Pizza Bento

Do you mind if I eat a pizza bento at least once a week? I Now that I know how to make the dough, and it is so easy, I find that I'm thrilled to have pizza back in my life. Basically it's a big breadstick I suppose as I don't eat marinara … [Continue reading]

Jambalaya in a New Bento Set (435)

bento 435 jambalaya

Today's jambalaya bento is packed in a Litter Free Lunch set by New Wave Enviro. I mentioned yesterday that I received lunch boxes from New Wave Enviro to test and review here at Not Exactly Bento. This particular set comes with 4 boxes, and is … [Continue reading]

Blueberry Yogurt Mini Muffins Recipe

Chicken, Sausage, and Pork Jambalaya

I have a recipe for you: blueberry yogurt mini muffins. Don't they sound delicious? They were. In fact so delicious, I packed and ate them with all my bentos before taking a good shot for this recipe. ¬†Ah well, I'll have to make them again and … [Continue reading]

Breakfast for Lunch Bento (434)

Bento 434

Every so often I think to myself I need to make a breakfast for lunch bento again. Everyday I forget. When Sheri of Happy Little Bento posted her breakfast for lunch bento this week, it reminded me I really needed to to this again. I woke extra early … [Continue reading]