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Soup and Homemade Crackers Bento (440)

bento 440

  Lately, I've had a real craving for cheese crackers. It all started with my wanting to make some chicken and wild rice soup this weekend. For whatever reason, I wanted to eat cheese crackers with my soup. I looked around at the … [Continue reading]

Mish Mash Bento (439)

A bento with a variety of things to eat

At my first job as a page in a library, my boss (and, incidentally, first mentor) used to bring to lunch what I always thought of as a "mish mash" lunch. She'd grab whatever was easiest to grab from her fridge: a container with the last bit of … [Continue reading]

Spaghetti and Biscuit Bento (438)

Spaghetti Bento 438

Happy new Year everyone! I hope this post finds you enjoying the first few days of 2013 and getting it started off right, whatever that might be for you. ¬†For me, it's setting what I want to accomplish for 2013. I don't really make resolutions; I … [Continue reading]

What I’ve Been Up To

no tomato spagetti sauce

So, you might be wondering if I haven't been around for a bit due to a busy work schedule what I've been up to. There have been moments here and there where I've done a few things, but just not enough time to photograph and post as well. Often, I … [Continue reading]

Coming Back Soon

Hi all! I hope this email finds all well as you gear up for your holidays and the end of the year. Have you had a good year? I hope so. And I hope you enjoy the heck out of your holiday celebrations. As for me, you know work life has gotten crazy … [Continue reading]