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It Makes Me Happy: Grownup Reason to Bento (#5)

This week on Not Exactly Bento, I’m talking about my Top 5 Reasons why Grownups should Bento. Packing a meal for yourself when you’re on the go, busy, or just because is a wonderful way to meet personal health goals and do something special for yourself. Join me as I talk about the top 5 reasons why I think you should bento. Each post will feature pictures of bentos, past and present, to show readers how skill level doesn’t matter when packing lunch for yourself. Feedback on why you bento and what works for you is always welcome.

Bento 408

Roasted chicken tacos. From June 2012.

As I pack my lunch and see how appetizing it looks, I get excited for my day ahead. I know that in the middle of a busy, sometimes brain-killing, work day, I’ll have a little reprieve and a lovely lunch to eat. I packed it myself, for myself. Everything about that bento means something. It means I’m taking care of myself. Or I’m trying something new. Or I’ve got a good hot meal to look forward to, and not just a cold sandwich (which I’m not a big fan of).

I’m happy all over again at lunch time when I open my bento box and see what I packed for myself that day.

It Makes Me Happy
Taken on November 16 2007

Steak and Pomegranate Chicken from November 2007

I’m not sure what it is about a well-packed bento lunch but I smile inside knowing I have one waiting for me.

And when I am really organized, I pack smaller snack bentos for throughout the day. It makes my day go by quicker too and keeps me fueled and happy during a long day of work.

Partially, I think my lunch pleasure comes from the variety bento can offer. I’m not just staring at chips and a sandwich again. It keeps me interested in what I’m eating, which means I’m not tempted to go out and get something better.

I return home happy, ready to play with the dogs, and continue on with my day. The cycle starts all over again. Many moons ago, it inspired what has become the catchphrase of this blog, “Be the bento!”

Because it is a way of being. A way of thinking and living. A way of doing for oneself that I can’t recommend enough to anyone looking to make a change in the food they consume.

As each of you read this and consider why you bento, or if you should start, I hope sharing my own reasons and journey helps you along the way.

And as always, “Be the bento, everyone!”


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  1. Jordan says:

    It makes me happy too! It’s like a mini vacation when I open my lunch box. It’s the best part of the work day. It makes me slow down and really taste and enjoy my lunch.
    Jordan recently posted..Corn & quinioa bentoMy Profile

  2. Susie says:

    I just came across your blog, and I love all 5 of your reasons why to bento! I mostly make bentos for healthiness and money saving reasons (and because I live in Japan and all the cute bento accessories are too much for me to refuse!), but I agree with all your points! I totally relate to the satisfied feeling you get when you know there’s a super healthy, tasty lunch waiting for you!
    Susie recently posted..Bento No.37, JumbalayaMy Profile

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