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Crab Cake and Salad (376)

Bento 376

This week, you’re going to see alot of salad.  Every so often I go on a salad bender.  A protein source, salad with egg, dessert.  Simple.  Quick.  Yum. Last night, I stopped by the grocery store after my all-day workshop and picked up some small seedless cucumbers. A nice addition to my salad.

Bento 376

While at the grocery, I also picked up two crab cakes as they were on sale: “Buy one get one free.” Wheee! I love crab cakes and $3.98 for two was a good price to me. Plus, I want to try to start eating one bento a week (if possible) that is seafood based. Sometimes, I get tired of the whole rotation I’ve been doing of late.

Two sand tarts and a nut mix (also picked up last night) are packed. I have a feeling the nut mix will be a mid-morning snack.

I hope your lunches are as tasty. Before I go, don’t forget about this week’s events here at NEB: Coupon for Activia yogurt and a Lunch Box Giveaway.  Links will bring you to the NEB post about the topic.

Be the bento everyone!


  1. Susan says:

    The crabcakes look really good, something I’ve never actually had!
    I’m about to go and try some grilled tofu, I think I might actually like this recipe as it has a hoisin marinade ;)
    Salmon and noodles for later :)
    Susan recently posted..ChangesMy Profile

  2. sheri says:

    I like this two tier Lock & Lock. I have the red one but have yet to use it. The dividers are handy. Crab cakes and salad look delish!

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