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It’s Chobani Yogurt Time!

I mentioned last week that I contacted Chobani yogurt about working with them a bit here at Not Exactly Bento.  They said YES!  Let’s all back up a moment and remember the yogurt taste test I did in June.  I’ve been bound and determined to find a way to enjoy yogurt.  Some foods I’ve given up on (cauliflower was a brief and torrid affair that later suffered a tragic ending).  But yogurt, well, yogurt I just didn’t want to give up on.  I left you all with a final verdict in my taste test: Chobani was my favorite, but I would buy it in limited quantities due to cost.

Well, I’ve found I’m willing to give up certain things in order to afford to purchase Chobani at $1.49 a container.  My mom has preached to me all my life that some things brand doesn’t matter, and some things do (Like toilet paper.  Always buy good TP, she says.). Chobani falls into that category for me. 

12 tubs of yogurt.  So exciting!

After contacting Chobani about the steady love that I have growing for their yogurt, especially their passion fruit flavor, they sent me a free case of their yogurt.  Wowzers.  I think every flavor they make is in there.  Some that I love {hello my precious passion fruit} and some that I’ve been too nervous to try {that means you pineapple and apple/cinnamon}.  This is a box of awesome goodness {ooohh, I spy black cherry!} and a bunch of new-to-me flavors {I’m talking about you lemon!}.  I’ll get back to you what I think on each flavor.

This is also perfect because this month’s #twitterfoodparty is yogurt-themed.  I’m so ready!

In the meantime, be the bento everyone!


  1. Sarah says:

    Congrats on all the tasty tasty yogurt, and also in finding one that you like! I was the same way with Fage yogurt. It was one of the only ones I like enough to eat frequently, but it’s fairly expensive stuff. The little individuals are about 1.50-1.99 each at stores near me. One thing I found help me get a little more for my money was that they sell big tubs of it, I think a quart, that are much cheaper per serving. Then, I’m free to pack my own containers with my own toppings – jams, fruits, honey, nuts, granola, whatever I feel like, and sometimes I cook with the yogurt too.

    I don’t know if Chobani sells bigger containers but that might be something to consider?
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    • Jenn says:

      Thanks Sarah! Chobani does sell bigger containers which I recently bought. I use it in recipes but haven’t flavored it myself too much. That’s my next step. :)

  2. Yvo says:

    Heh, to the above comment, since I’ve long told you about my love for both Fage and Chobani. I’m glad you are enjoying Chobani! Black Cherry is one of my faves but I just love that deep flavor. And I agree: some things, it’s okay to buy store brand, but others you need the good stuff. Cling film/plastic wrap is one of those things, because with the cheap stuff, you waste so much trying to wrap one damn thing that you spend the same! Tin foil too. I can go on. But I won’t.

    Anyway, excited to see what else you do with the yogurt! I find myself unable to always eat all the yogurt when I buy a big container, as it’s just me, so that’s something to consider. Did they send you the chocolate too?
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