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Chicken and NOT Salad (391)

“Look Ma, no salad!” LOL!  That’s how I feel this morning as I post about today’s bento lunch.  To make the last two days of this week easier, I bought a pound and a half of rotisserie chicken wings from a local grocery store on Wednesday night.  Along with that, I purchased garnet yams and green beans.  Yesterday’s lunch had salad.  Today, steamed beans and roasted yams.

And before I sign off on today’s post, let me say something about these yams.  I like them.  As in, I really love them.  Not due to the way I am cooking them but because of the way they taste naturally.  Sweet potato is one of those vegetables that I convinced myself to like when I began this food journey in 2007.  However like broccoli, it was a vegetable I refused to eat.  I always found them too sweet.  Today, I do eat them but always roasted, baked, or steamed plain.  The most I might add is an herb seasoning, but no cinnamon or sugar.  And still there are times when a sweet potato tastes too naturally sweet to me.  However, these yams I’ve found are much less sweet.  They still have a similar taste, but not that overly sweet taste that a sweet potato has.  These are harder for me to find, but I am going to have to look for them more often.  I  much prefer them over their Louisiana counterparts.

Today’s bento contains rotisserie chicken wings, green beans, yummy yams, clementine slices, fruit & nut mix, and animal crackers.

Be the bento everyone!  I hope you have a lovely Friday.


  1. Lia Chen says:

    Happy Friday Jenn! Yummy bento! I love to see what is people packing for the bento :)
    Lia Chen recently posted..Tips – Stuffed Bread CharacterMy Profile

  2. I feel the same way about sweet potatoes :) . Thanks for sharing your bentos, I come and read often, not sure I have commented before. Happy day to you!
    Kristin wyowoman recently posted..The back story…My Profile

  3. Heather says:

    I can’t stand yams with cinnamon and sugar, bleh. I like them buttery with salt and pepper, lol. They look delicious in your bento. I wish I would have had some of those for dinner instead of pizza, lol!
    Heather recently posted..Curry love (Bento #195)My Profile

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