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How to Make a Spicy Parmesan-Almond Salad Topping

Spicy Parm-Almong Topping

The title of today’s post sounds a little different than normal.  Rather than just saying, “Recipe: Spicy Almond Topping,” it sounds like a search query.  Why?  Because I spent all weekend trying to find guidance on how to accomplish this recipe and the only thing my searches retrieved was the Sunkist website featuring recipes with [...]

Crab Meuniere Topping

This week at NEB, join me for a series of fun recipes, a giveaway, and a great Photo Friday. I’m taking a one-week blogging break as I enjoy the week with my family. You’ll see me back next week with some great stories, pictures, and bentos. Be the bento everyone! Previously on Not Exactly Bento, [...]

Cheesy Peppercorn Dressing

Cheesy Peppercorn Dressing

New-to-me Tuesdays – When I started this blog in 2007, it was to eat healthier and to learn to cook. In order to do both, I had to try alot of foods and many cooking methods that were all new-to-me. On Tuesdays, I post another new-to-me story if I’ve encountered that next adventure in my [...]

Photo Friday: Homemade Veggie Stock

For all the things I don’t mind spending my money on, I feel increasingly ridiculous spending $2 – $3 for a quart of vegetable stock. I know, silly right? Recently, I finally snapped. I was buying onions, and carrots, and other good veggies for my pantry anyway. Why not use a few of them to [...]

Recipe: Herbed Butter

herbed butter

Hi All! I hope this “yet another post this weekend” finds you well. I’m getting ready to start cooking tonight’s meal. So, there will be several more posts on their way soon. At the moment though, I want to talk about my lunch, which used up the last of the spaghetti I made two days [...]