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Blueberry Yogurt Mini Muffins Recipe

Chicken, Sausage, and Pork Jambalaya

I have a recipe for you: blueberry yogurt mini muffins. Don’t they sound delicious? They were. In fact so delicious, I packed and ate them with all my bentos before taking a good shot for this recipe.  Ah well, I’ll have to make them again and update this post in the future.  Meanwhile, I’ll just [...]

Chocolate Butter Drops

Chocolate Butter Drops

If someone is missing their cooking fairy, it is possible she’s bunking at my house.  I have had incredibly good luck lately with cooking and baking.  Either I’ve just hit a good patch, been patted on the head by the aforementioned fairy, or my sources for recipes have improved.  I’m thinking it is the latter, [...]

Recipe: Cherry Lime Pie

I don’t live in cherry country.  I never seem them at my local farmer’s market.  They are expensive in stores.  I’d imagine Louisiana’s climate just isn’t quite right for cherries (or that’s what I assume).  It’s for these reasons that it is a real treat to find cherries on sale at a grocery store.  To [...]

Recipe: Chocolate Stacked Cookie

It’s that time of the work month again.  It’s my week of meetings.  Today and tomorrow, I’m having lunch with coworkers.  I should be back with a bento on Thursday.  In the meantime, please enjoy these Chocolate Stacked Cookies. For this recipe you’ll need: cookie dough, little rectangles of chocolate (Hershey’s bars would work great),  [...]

Recipe: Carrot Cupcakes

All week on NEB, I’ve shown off these carrot & pineapple cupcakes as part of my bento box lunch.  These were fairly simple to make, way tasty and in the long run, not so bad for me (or so I hope, more on that at the end of the post).  I used this Recipezaar recipe, [...]

Recipe: Baked Apples Revisited

I just wanted to do a quick revisit to my recent recipe post on baked apples.  I decided the 1/2 of an apple cut up wasn’t as bento friendly as I’d hoped.  I decided to bake 2 more apples cut up with the honey/cinammon mixture and topping with only pecans. OH YUM!  This was super [...]

Recipe: Baked Apples

I’ve been searching for a recipe that was a tasty dessert, but one that didn’t use a cup of sugar, flour, and the like.  Something quick and simple to make that would transfer well to my bento.  As I was searching through my cookbooks to find a suitable recipe, I came across this Recipezaar recipe [...]

Recipe: Pecan Brownies

I showed off these brownies in my last post. I promised to share the recipe. This recipe isn’t hard. It came from Recipezaar. You may even have a better recipe than this one. But since it’s all about my learning to cook around here, and I feel the need to share it with you, my [...]

Recipe: Apple Torte

Sometimes, no matter how hot it is starting to get, you’re willing to fire up the oven and bake something to satisfy a craving. Which is just what I did today. And here is the craving I satisfied. It is an apple torte recipe that I have come to quickly adore. Join me as I [...]