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Work in Progress: Steel Cut Oats (New-to-Me)

Steel Cut oats

I woke up at the beginning of 2013 determined to find a way to like oatmeal. Honestly, I’m not a fan. But I figure that I tackled broccoli and yogurt in the course of this blog, so oats should be a snap right? I’ve had several people tell me to try steel cut oats, but I’d [...]

Love with Food Box, September 2012

Food Subscription Box

I will be back tomorrow with a bento. Today is a quick post for Relatively Wordless Wednesday, featuring my September 2012 Love with Food Box. As I mentioned last month, I enjoyed the box so much, I decided to subscribe for awhile. This month’s goodies came with fun things to try, especially this Barney Butter [...]

Pork, Nectarine, and Spinach Salad Bento (424)

Pork Tenderloin and Nectarines over Spinach

This pork and nectarine salad bento shows off just how fabulous my cooking weekend was.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  It’s not often that I look at one of my bentos and think, “Gosh, that turned out really, really well.”  This is one of those bento box pictures that I am going to go back to again [...]

Vosges Chocolate: Black Salt Caramel Bar (Relatively Wordless Wednesday)

vosjes black salt caramel (3)

I love chocolate.  I love trying new-to-me chocolate bars.  When I saw the description on this Vosges Chocolate bar I spent the $6.99 as a special treat to myself.

I Fought the Yogurt…

Yogurt Showdown

I have complained, bemoaned, criticized, and denounced yogurt over the years at NEB. Last year, I told a nutritionist to not even mention yogurt to me. I don’t like it, I hate it, I gak over it. Blech. But despite all this, I continue to try it. Of all the things that I have tried [...]

NTM: Ozery Bakery Morning Rounds

cranberry orange rounds-4

Breakfast. Breakfast confounds me. It was a large topic of conversation when I saw the nutritionist last week. It is the one meal I skip the most, and the one meal I really shouldn’t do that with. Why? Well, I never really know WHAT to eat for breakfast to coincide with what works for insulin [...]

NTM: Cuba Libre Restaurant (Review)

florida butterflies-4-2

At the end of September 2011, I spent a week with my parents and brother in Florida visiting Disney World.  The trip was a celebration of my parent’s 4oth wedding anniversary!  It was a great trip and we all had lots of fun.  (I do admit that Disney is too much for me. So many [...]

Turkey Burger with Avocado and Pineapple

Turkey Burger 09032011

Photo Friday is my day to share my photographs of the moment and my thoughts associated with them. I hope you enjoy my photographs as much as I enjoy sharing them. Every once in awhile I come up with a really fabulous idea for myself.  There is a restaurant in Baton Rouge that has a [...]

Mini-Review: Cookplus Vitamin Cookware

NTM stands for New-to-Me, a regular feature here at Not Exactly Bento. With the start of my bento-making in 2007, I began to try many new foods to expand my palate and my recipe files. New-to-Me has expanded into all sorts of food and kitchen items that I now try and review. Here is the [...]