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It’s Chobani Yogurt Time!

Case of Chobani Yogurt

I mentioned last week that I contacted Chobani yogurt about working with them a bit here at Not Exactly Bento.  They said YES!  Let’s all back up a moment and remember the yogurt taste test I did in June.  I’ve been bound and determined to find a way to enjoy yogurt.  Some foods I’ve given [...]

Petit Amuse Sampler Box (Review)

Box I recieved for review from Petit Amuse

It’s not often that I accept a company’s offer to accept a product for review on Not Exactly Bento.  I’m really particular about what I recommend to my readers when it is a product I haven’t purchased myself.  However in the last few weeks, several companies have caught my interest, and Petit Amuse is one [...]

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox (Review)

Bento 412

Last week, I showed off a salad packed in Rubbermaid’s Lunch Blox system, promising you to come back and share my thoughts.  Now, I used this box a bit over the weekend, but haven’t used it for a full week as I typically do.  So this is more my general thoughts on the particular set [...]

Recipe Organization

Recipe Organization

Keeping up with what I have cooked, what I want to cook, what worked, what didn’t has seemed impossible to me over the last four years. It’s one of the reasons why past bentos were so full of rotisserie chicken, spaghetti, and chili. These items are easy, quick to think of, and cause little to [...]

Mini-Review: Cookplus Vitamin Cookware

NTM stands for New-to-Me, a regular feature here at Not Exactly Bento. With the start of my bento-making in 2007, I began to try many new foods to expand my palate and my recipe files. New-to-Me has expanded into all sorts of food and kitchen items that I now try and review. Here is the [...]

Tip: Peeling Garlic

Yesterday, I shared my new kitchen gadget for mincing garlic.  Sarah asked how I peeled my garlic.  She mentioned she smashes hers.  I used to give mine a good whack with the flat end of my santoku knife.  I never really liked doing that though.  I’m a kitchen klutz.  I had horrific visions of losing [...]