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Spaghetti and Biscuit Bento (438)

Spaghetti Bento 438

Happy new Year everyone! I hope this post finds you enjoying the first few days of 2013 and getting it started off right, whatever that might be for you.  For me, it’s setting what I want to accomplish for 2013. I don’t really make resolutions; I create goals. Some I accomplish, some I don’t. Last [...]

Deer Burger Sammie (397)

Bento 97: Deer Burger Sammie

The only thing about getting deer meat from my parents is that it is often packaged into larger amounts than I typically can use.  So what’s a girl to do when faced with a bunch of little deer meat burgers?  Well, some are frozen for use another day in another bento.  But by the end [...]

Deer Burger (396)

Bento 396: Deer Burger

Christmas this year brought many interesting things, including packages of deer meat from my folks. In fact, I think I received some last year around this time.  For a quick and easy dinner one night, I grabbed the recipe for Versatile Meat Mix, added a bit of cheese and bread crumbs, formed into thick patties [...]

Mini Meat Pies and More (324)

bento 324

A week ago this past Saturday, my living room light fixture went kaput.  Bummer.  I placed a call to my trusty brother who came over to help me change it out.  As we were working, he mentioned how he hadn’t felt so well lately, thinking he had picked up his girlfriend’s cold.  “What?” said I.  “Jason, [...]

Deer Mini Burgers (322)

Bento 322

Well, here is some more deer/pork groundmeat goodness: mini burgers.  And since I wanted something a bit different as my side dish, I dug back in to my NEB vault and made Chorizo Garlic Mashed Potatoes.  Even after the 3 1/2 years of learning too cook along with writing this blog, I still don’t consider [...]

I Told You… (321)

Bento 321

that my tried and true spaghetti would be the first bento back on this blog.  Why?  Because my freezer is full of deer/pork groundmeat thanks to my parents.  You’re going to see a good bit of this in the upcoming months.  The type of meat that is, not necessarily the spaghetti. This bento wasn’t much, [...]