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Turkey Sandwich Bento (431)

Turkey Sandwich Bento

  It isn’t often I pack a sandwich bento.  But a decent deal at Whole Foods convinced me.  While I can’t completely afford to shop there, I have found a compromise.  I purchase meat on sale elsewhere and my fruits and vegetables (which are fairly reasonably priced) at Whole Foods.  Typically, I like the look [...]

Turkey Roll ups Bento (430)

bento 430-4

Today’s bento is a little different for me as I don’t normally pack lettuce wraps or roll ups, yet there you can see one of each.  Yesterday’s attempt at a fruit-nut-cheese salad from Bittman’s How to Eat Everything Vegetarian was a moderate success. Moderate because I couldn’t figure out how you would eat this salad with a [...]

Turkey Meatballs with a Side of Apology (373)

Bento 373

Before I start in about today’s bento, I have an apology to make to my readers. Yesterday, I posted about a KGBDeal featuring Lock & Lock and made the comment “no affiliate link.”  When I wrote the post, I went to KGBDeals, grabbed the link from their “Share This” button, and wrote the post, thinking [...]

Turkey Meatballs (372)

Bento 372

I am often governed by what is in the fridge waiting to be cooked.  Do you remember this recipe from a year ago?  Turkey meatballs.  I was surprised how tasty they were then, and they’ve often come to mind again since last May.  I just never got around to making them a second time.  This [...]

Not Exactly Cobb Salad Sandwich (338)

Bento 338

Lately, I have lamented, a little too much possibly, that I feel uninspired in the cooking arena. Removing tomato sauce products out of my cooking repetoire meant a huge blow to the regular stock in my freezer.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for recipes…simple recipes as I’m still not comfortable with overly complicated things. [...]

Bento: Turkey Meatballs Again (298)

bento 298

I’ve had a great bento week this week.  I’m super pleased about that too!  And I’m super pleased about how today’s bento turned out.  It’s not often I use my Lock & Lock bento set, a set I happened to stumble across on Ebay one day.  I hear these things are a near urban legend [...]

Bento: Turkey Meatballs (297)

bento 297

Turkey meatballs.  I was wary of my want to make these.   As I was flipping through my small collection of Everyday Food back issues a few days ago, I came across the recipe for these along with suggestions on using them in 3 different dishes.  I don’t usually use turkey in my bentos, nor do [...]