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Seafood Stuffed Pork Chop Bento (441)

bento 441-1

I left work last night a bit tired, a bit harried, and quite a bit later than I had planned. Amazing how time slips away from you when you’re focused and forgetting to look at the clock. As I was driving home, I was mentally convincing myself to grab a bit of something on the [...]

Greek Spiced Trout Bento (419)

Greek spiced steelhead trout

Lately, I’ve felt like only eating salads or fish.  It’s a hot summer in Louisiana, and light meals are my preferred cooking plan.  I’m ready for cooler weather where I can break out a really great stew for a pasta dish I have in mind.  In the meantime, I am enjoying lighter fare like this [...]

Fish Tacos (413)

fish tacos-2

This weekend, I decided that it was time to try fish tacos again.  I’ve packed them before for my bento box, and while it wasn’t a total failure, it wasn’t a great success either.  This time, instead of trying to figure out a recipe, I found one that worked for at, my go-to recipe spot [...]

Almond Stuffed Chicken (394)

Bento 394: Almond Stuffed Chicken

Ahhh, a bento. After three months of virtually no cooking and eating out way too much as I dealt with life, I’m so happy to have a lunch to bring to work with me. There was a bento or two here and there within that time, but honestly, they weren’t anything about which to share. [...]

Roasted Pork Chop with Crab Topping (388)

Originally, this post was to appear yesterday. And I tweeted that I had forgotten to post it and would do so last night. Then, during the day my pre-scheduled announcement of the post appeared and the link worked, leading you to the post. However, I could not for the life of me figure out why [...]

Crabcake (386)

Bento 386

Today’s bento contains the last pancake from this weekend’s great feats (sniff, sniff).  I originally planned to eat it for dinner last night, but just couldn’t do it.  I decided it was best saved for lunch today.  Since I deprived myself of the crab cake last night, I made pecan pancakes instead. I still have [...]

Seafood Galore (385)

Bento 385

Last night, I enjoyed the most amazing dinner with my family.  It all started when I bought a tub of lump crabmeat and a package of crawfish tails with the express thought to make myself “really great” Sunday but no real plans at that point.  Then, an online conversation with my brother turned into inviting [...]

Crab Cake and Salad (376)

Bento 376

This week, you’re going to see alot of salad.  Every so often I go on a salad bender.  A protein source, salad with egg, dessert.  Simple.  Quick.  Yum. Last night, I stopped by the grocery store after my all-day workshop and picked up some small seedless cucumbers. A nice addition to my salad. While at [...]

Trout Dinner (342)

Trout Dinner

Ever since I first checked out those two Cooking Light recipe books from my local library, I’ve done really well on the food front.  It’s not so much the “light” part as the “it came out right” part.  And the new found confidence has given me back the courage to try to deviate from a [...]