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Strawberry Salad Bento (442)

Bento 442: Strawberry Salad

I woke up Saturday morning at 7:15 a.m. and thought, “If I get ready really quickly, I can make it to the farmer’s market just as it opens.” Arriving just as it opens means I have top pick of the offerings for the week. I shook the sleep from my eyes, fed the dogs, threw [...]

Seafood Stuffed Pork Chop Bento (441)

bento 441-1

I left work last night a bit tired, a bit harried, and quite a bit later than I had planned. Amazing how time slips away from you when you’re focused and forgetting to look at the clock. As I was driving home, I was mentally convincing myself to grab a bit of something on the [...]

Sausage Pizza Bento (436)

Bento 436 Sausage Pizza Bento

Do you mind if I eat a pizza bento at least once a week? I Now that I know how to make the dough, and it is so easy, I find that I’m thrilled to have pizza back in my life. Basically it’s a big breadstick I suppose as I don’t eat marinara sauce anymore. But [...]

Jambalaya in a New Bento Set (435)

bento 435 jambalaya

Today’s jambalaya bento is packed in a Litter Free Lunch set by New Wave Enviro. I mentioned yesterday that I received lunch boxes from New Wave Enviro to test and review here at Not Exactly Bento. This particular set comes with 4 boxes, and is supposed to be geared for kids. Well let me tell [...]

Breakfast for Lunch Bento (434)

Bento 434

Every so often I think to myself I need to make a breakfast for lunch bento again. Everyday I forget. When Sheri of Happy Little Bento posted her breakfast for lunch bento this week, it reminded me I really needed to to this again. I woke extra early to cook the meal for myself, let [...]

Overloaded Jambalaya Bento (432)

Chicken, Sausage, and Pork Jambalaya

Hello everyone! Welcome to my jambalaya bento today! I am so so super excited about it. My co-workers have been raving about a new butchery that opened on my way home from work.  I see it every day, but never stop. At the end of the work week, I visited the joint to see what [...]

Meat Lover’s Pizza Bento (429)

Meat Lover's Pizza

I was so excited about last week’s pizza bento, that I posted a picture on my personal Facebook page.  This resulted in an exchange between my mother and I where we decided to hold a small family pizza party at her house.  I would bring the homemade pizza dough and a few toppings, and she [...]

Pork with Pasta Bento (427)

Pork and Pasta Bento

Today’s bento lunch is posting late because I have the day off!  I had some things to take care of this morning, and now have the afternoon to myself.  And I used that time wisely.  Not only did I pack this lovely bento for lunch (YUM!), I took pictures of the packing process.  I’ve done [...]

Salad and Potatoes Bento (425)

bento 425-1

After my dinner success with the pork and nectarine salad this weekend, I packed the last part of a nectarine and another pork chop for one more serving of this tasty salad.  I must remember this recipe.  I have a habit of trying new things and then forgetting to add them to my repertoire.  This is so super simple, maybe [...]