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Soup and Homemade Crackers Bento (440)

bento 440

  Lately, I’ve had a real craving for cheese crackers. It all started with my wanting to make some chicken and wild rice soup this weekend. For whatever reason, I wanted to eat cheese crackers with my soup. I looked around at the usual culprits found at my local grocery store and none of them [...]

Mish Mash Bento (439)

A bento with a variety of things to eat

At my first job as a page in a library, my boss (and, incidentally, first mentor) used to bring to lunch what I always thought of as a “mish mash” lunch. She’d grab whatever was easiest to grab from her fridge: a container with the last bit of cottage cheese, a piece of fruit, maybe [...]

Jambalaya in a New Bento Set (435)

bento 435 jambalaya

Today’s jambalaya bento is packed in a Litter Free Lunch set by New Wave Enviro. I mentioned yesterday that I received lunch boxes from New Wave Enviro to test and review here at Not Exactly Bento. This particular set comes with 4 boxes, and is supposed to be geared for kids. Well let me tell [...]

Chicken and Plum Salad Bento (433)

Rubbermaid Lunch Blox

As I type this post, I’m eating this chicken and plum salad bento.  How can that be? Well, it was for dinner last night. The last two weeks, I’ve found a bento rhythm that is working for me, for the time being. My rhythms come and go as my life changes and moods swing. HA! [...]

Overloaded Jambalaya Bento (432)

Chicken, Sausage, and Pork Jambalaya

Hello everyone! Welcome to my jambalaya bento today! I am so so super excited about it. My co-workers have been raving about a new butchery that opened on my way home from work.  I see it every day, but never stop. At the end of the work week, I visited the joint to see what [...]

Pizza Bianca Bento (428)

Bento 428 Otto Pizza Bento

My bento box today is full of so much awesomeness I can hardly contain myself.  I very nearly ate the very last piece of the pizza you see above for breakfast.  But I resisted.  It will make a great little side piece to dinner tonight.  But the temptation was great I tell you.  GREAT!  Why? [...]

Roasted Chicken with Cuban Black Beans (423)

Roasted Chicken and Cuban Beans Bento

Before I lament about the issues with today’s bento box, let’s just go over what’s in the two tiers.  The pink tier has cuban black beans over rice and  roasted chicken slices with roasted veggie slices of potato, peppers, onions, and broccoli.  The white tier holds a side salad with hydroponic lettuce mix, small hard-boiled [...]

A Week’s Worth of Bento with a Roasted Chicken

Roasted Chicken Salad Bento

This weekend, I roasted two chicken breasts with the idea of having enough chicken to make bento all week long.  Lately, roasted chicken has been a staple of my bento box, and it’s no wonder why.  It’s an amazingly versatile way to quickly make a meal with leftover.  This time, I used boneless, skinless roasted [...]

Hurricane Isaac Bento (421)

Hurricane Isaac Bento

Hello everyone! I survived Hurricane Isaac, with a little help from the bento pictured above.  As I prepared for Isaac, I began to think about what I would do if I lost power.  With hurricanes, you never know exactly where they are going to land until they do.  While preparing, you have to think what [...]