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Meat Lover’s Pizza Bento (429)

Meat Lover's Pizza

I was so excited about last week’s pizza bento, that I posted a picture on my personal Facebook page.  This resulted in an exchange between my mother and I where we decided to hold a small family pizza party at her house.  I would bring the homemade pizza dough and a few toppings, and she [...]

Burger Bites (416)

Bento 416 Burger Bites

I’ve enjoyed eating all my salads of late.  If I’m not packing one for lunch, I’m eating one for dinner, because it’s just too darn hot right now to cook all the time.  But last night, I did.  It was time to put a little red meat back into the ol’ diet and that came [...]

Ricotta Stuffed Bento (404)


  Heeellllloooooo, everybody!  I hope this post finds you doing well on a lovely, but muggy Louisiana day that is today.  I apologize now for this picture.  It needs help.  The jumbo meatball deal on the left hand side is out of focus, and the egg on the bottom right is blown-out to a point [...]

Steak and Pasta (402)

Bento 402

  *waves* Hello everyone!  I’m so glad to have a weekend to {possibly} breathe a minute and come by to post this bento.  Work has turned into 50-60 hour weeks as we begin the end phase of one big project and start a new big project.  I have never been involved in building a new [...]

New-to-Me Everywhere (392)

Bento 392

This weekend, I flubbed another recipe.  Badly.  I mean really badly.  So Saturday’s would-be dinner was instead filler for my trash can.  :(  Saturday night, I resolved to stop playing around in the kitchen and crack open a cookbook to see what I could find for lunch/dinner that night.  No more flubbed recipes.  No more [...]

Seafood Galore (385)

Bento 385

Last night, I enjoyed the most amazing dinner with my family.  It all started when I bought a tub of lump crabmeat and a package of crawfish tails with the express thought to make myself “really great” Sunday but no real plans at that point.  Then, an online conversation with my brother turned into inviting [...]

Steak! (380)

Bento 381

It was a long day yesterday.  A very long day.  And by time I arrived home from work 2 1/2 hours later than expected, I was too tired to think. Which is why despite my best intentions, I didn’t post my bento yesterday afternoon as I expected. However, this morning I feel rested and ready [...]

Another Hamburger, Another Salad (378)

Bento 378

Salad week here at NEB continues with another hamburger.  It’s the last one.  YAY!  (I am now tired of eating them).  I’m on the run this morning trying to do too much in 2 short hours before I leave for work, so we’re just going to go over this bento quick: hamburger cut in half, [...]

Quick & Easy Bento (375)

bento 375

Today’s bento is actually packed for dinner.  I have a full day of meetings and workshops out of the office with lunch provided.  This bento is going to be my salvation when I get home.  No need to cook.  No need to stress about dinner.  Pop it out of the fridge and voila….dinner.  I’m so [...]