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Breakfast for Lunch Bento (434)

Bento 434

Every so often I think to myself I need to make a breakfast for lunch bento again. Everyday I forget. When Sheri of Happy Little Bento posted her breakfast for lunch bento this week, it reminded me I really needed to to this again. I woke extra early to cook the meal for myself, let it cool, and pack it in my bento box. I apologize for the lighting in the picture as it was still early and a bit dark for good picture taking.

This bento includes 3 pieces of housemade smoked sausage from a local butcher, roasted carrots, pan “fried” potatoes, omelet, roasted broccoli, grapes, and nectarine. Deliciousness I tell you. If you take out the sausage, you have a vegetarian version of this bento. Double the fun!

And if you’re looking closely, you’ll notice that’s a new stainless steel box. Someone referred me to New Wave Enviro and a new lunch set they have available. New Wave Enviro, when they say what Not Exactly Bento has been up to these days, they sent me the new lunch set (to be seen tomorrow) and a few stainless steel boxes to try out as well. Before accepting, I took a look at some of their products online and what caught my attention the most was price on these. They are an affordable alternative for BPA free or stainless steel lunch products (or so it seems). So I decided to try them out for a few weeks and let you know what I think of the lunch sets.  Today I’m using this divided stainless steel container.  Tomorrow, you’ll see the new BPA free plastic Litter Free Lunch set.

Okay everyone, I hope you have a lovely Wednesday. Be the bento, and see you tomorrow.


P.S. At 2 p.m. today, I’m posting the blueberry yogurt mini muffin recipe. Those muffins were in my bento boxes this week. :)


  1. susan says:

    Looks darn good and as usual, I’m reading this before I have my lunch and you’re making me hungry now!
    susan recently posted..I fancy a changeMy Profile

  2. sheri says:

    Deliciousness! And I’m really liking this box, as I love stainless steel. Look forward to the other items coming up. Thanks for the shoutout – breakfast-all-day ftw!
    sheri recently posted..Rilakkuma Bear Burger BentoMy Profile

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