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Bento: Eating in the Round (282)

For quite some time, I’ve looked for glass containers to use as bento boxes.  Nothing has quite worked, leaving me feeling a bit like the Goldilocks of Bento Boxes.  Some containers were too small.  Some containers were too large.  And none were just right…until now.  I was given a gift certificate to Sur la Table as a combo Christmas/birthday present.  It was a sweet and pleasant surprise from a good friend.  I hadn’t had a chance to go to Baton Rouge to do anything fun in quite some time, so one Sunday I went by Sur la Table to check out the offerings.  I knew right away what the gift certificate was going to: a food grinder for my Kitchen Aid stand mixer.  As I walked to the store, past its big display windows, I saw a rack of storage containers.  It had been quite some time since I’d browsed SLT, preferring to spend less for my kitchen supplies at the restaurant supply store. I found three glass containers that seemed perfect for my bento needs.  I used one of them last week for chili.

This week, I put a bit more thought into the packing of my bento lunch, and this is what I came up with.  In the center is meatloaf.  Good old standard meatloaf recipe.  Though, this meatloaf is a bit more special than usual (think food grinder).  Around the meatloaf, I have steamed carrots, baked sweet potato, and pieces of zucchini and onion from pan-friend skewers that I made.

Bento 282 (2 of 3)

The two smaller containers I picked up contain apple cake and an egg with vegetarian eggrolls (store bought).  The eggroll/egg container I think I might eat as an afternoon snack.  I’m looking forward to it!  It will be something a wee bit different from Spree.  Yeah, I know.  Not the best, but I’ve been on a Willie Wonka candy kick lately.  The apple cake will be my dessert for lunch.  The recipe is basically the apple torte recipe, multiplied.

Bento 282 (3 of 3)

I really like these containers and look forward to using them…often.  In fact, I wouldn’t mind another set.  And for as expensive as Sur la Table can be, these didn’t hurt the pocket book too greatly.  The largest was  $5 and the two smaller ones were $3 each.  $11 is cheaper than having a cheap plastic bento box flown in from Japan, since I don’t have a way to purchase them any longer (sniff… I miss Ichiban Kan…sniff).

Happy Monday and be the bento everyone!


  1. Karmatir says:

    I miss Ichiban Kan too!

  2. Susan says:

    As my lunch tends to get clattered around the interior of my work van on a regular basis, glass would not be a good option for me. Nope.
    They look nice though!

    • Jenn says:

      Yeah, I can definitely see how that wouldn’t work for you Susan! I wouldn’t want shattered glass in the back of my van either.

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