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Bento: Black Bean & Quinoa Burrito (292)

For several months, I’ve had alot of misses on the new recipe front.  Alot of what I’ve tried just hasn’t jelled so well for me.  The latest failure was the breakfast burrito I tried to make with chorizo, cheese, and egg.  I’d gotten the idea for those burritos from a fix and freeze concept cookbook.  You know the kind.  The type of recipe where you make a large batch of something and then freeze it.  I don’t know if it is because of the recipe or those wholegrain tortillas I used.  No matter what the true culprit was the result was a dish that didn’t reheat well in my opinion.  It was just the latest thing to hit the trash.

As a lay in bed the other night waiting for sleep to come and thinking of my recent kitchen foibles, my eyes landed on my bookshelf, and my little year’s worth of Everyday Food magazines that sat there, neglected and gathering dust.  As my cooking interests have flitted from one idea to the next over the last year and a half, I’d forgotten about these little gems.  Everyday Food helped me greatly when I first started this blog.  You can see one of the issues above says October 2007, one month after I started Not Exactly Bento.  I used these judiciously in my first 6 months of learning to cook.  Then as other things caught my interest, they sort of fell by the wayside.  I’ve always wanted to get back to them, but never have.

With a three more weeks of challenge to go, difficulty on the cooking front is an obstacle I don’t need.  And as I stared at my bookshelf I realized that it was time to bring Everyday Food back into my life.  I decided it was time to resubscribe.  However, the first issue won’t be here until May.  As I enjoyed my day of fun and visiting with Kim Monday, we stopped into Barnes and Noble where I picked up a copy of the current issue of Everyday Food.  There were several recipes I knew immediately I wanted to try, some I may not have thought to try 2 years ago.  And it made me realize how far I’ve come in the last 2+ years of this blog.  <big grins>

Today’s lunch comes from the April 2010 issue of  Everyday Food on page 72.  A bean and rice burrito is featured.  I’ve changed the recipe a bit to include black beans and quinoa with cheese.  I made them all last night and then flash froze the little burritos.  Each burrito was then wrapped into aluminum foil for safe storage in my freezer.  One came out this morning and was paired with leftover green beans from yesterday and other goodies from my fridge.  I plan to come back and post today on how this burrito tasted and if I think it will stand the test of frozen time better than that other concoction.  In all honesty, I have great faith in this one than I did in the other.

This is Day 8 of the 30-Day Bento Challenge.  For more information, see the original post.  Latecomers are welcome to join.

Disclaimer: I have no affiliations with Everyday Food, Amazon, or any of the other entities in this post.   These are simply things I use to make my cooking life easier.

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  1. Aimee S. says:

    I’m anxious to hear how your burritos are holding up. I’m sure they’re great!

  2. LizAnderson says:

    Go to the Martha Site and sign up for daily Everyday Foods emails. There are a lot that they offer, and free. But there’s nothing like holding one of those magazines in your hands – as I’m guilty of that! I really like that they teach different things, not just your basic recipes, recipes, recipes.

    My fav s from the magazine were a lemon poundcake and spicy cheeze crackers. They made for a memorable Teacher’s Teatime in a Basket years ago.

    • Jenn says:

      Ohhh, I didn’t know they offered daily e-mails. Thanks for the tip Liz. The current issue had a picture of poundcake and I was all excited. I want to try to make one. But it was ideas for store-bought cakes. I’ll have to go to the site and look at what all they ahve to offer.

  3. Bee T says:

    Those look interesting.

    My latest was more chickie eggs (they were a big hit here), a vegetarian shepherd’s pie on a bed of quinoa, and a yellow-squash-cupcake with a side car of frosting. All of it made from scratch, so I was happy about that. I didn’t eat the quinoa or shepherd’s pie- the shift was too busy! That’ll wait for tomorrow’s 4-hour shift.

    Fun challenge!

    • Jenn says:

      Your lunch sounds lovely Bee. I’ve never had shepherd’s pie, vegetarian or otherwise. I’ll have to look up exactly what it is about.

  4. Smoke-z says:

    More convenience food for me. I’m fine with cooking for my husband, but even whole grain pasta made me sick. There’s just something about overly-processed food that I can stomach as long as it’s not too greasy or sweet. (Maybe because most of the digestion process was done for me?) At least Cheerios are “healthy.”

    For his lunch, I repeated myself with another sandwich wrap. This time it was roast beef instead of turkey. He also got a bit of my leftover pasta and a whole apple.

  5. Lyndsey says:

    Yes I’m curious on how the buritto tates! I use quinoa a lot, but use it in a salad with olives and feta cheese, avocados and what ever else strikes my fancy (or what is left in the frige). I like it cold better than warm. I wonder how well it freezes. I also have a neglected stack of Everyday Food, but mine are much older. They did have a good veggie lasagne….I’ll have to go look for that…now you got me thinking….I hope I can sleep tonight….hehe!

  6. Jenn says:

    Report on the burritos:
    These are a keeper. Which is wonderful news for me. I was really worried today I’d have to dispose of a slew of burritos…again. There were only two things with issues. One, the tortilla became a bit hard on parts of the edges after reheating in the microwave. That is unavoidable as far as I know and is a minor inconvenience. Another small problem was with my cooking. I cooked the quinoa in vegetable broth as I normally do, but this time it didn’t come out as strong of a flavor as normal. However, the beans were seasoned really well, which helped. Next time, I need to make sure the quinoa has a bit more flavor too.

    Overall, a big win for the cooking side of things. Now, I’m really looking forward to cooking over the next month. I flipped through one of the older Everyday Food issues this evening and noticed that there are recipes that I’m now willing to try that I wasn’t 2 years ago. I think this should make for some nice new dishes soon.

    • Dawn says:

      AWESOME! Now I’ll have to try those soon!!!!!!!!!!! :D I love breakfast burritos, I just haven’t tried making my own yet. :) Thanks for sharing!

  7. Eula says:

    I never thought to put quinoa into a burrito. Looks yummy. I have a giant bag of quinoa from costco. I had leftovers today so no cooking or bento. I transferred some of my plantlings to bigger containers. I hope they make it. Looks like you’re doing well in your challenge! That makes me happy. =)

    • Jenn says:

      A giant bag of quinoa from Costco?! Wow. I’m in awe. I wish I had that option around here! Quinoa isn’t the easiest to find and when I do….the price can be surprising sometimes.

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