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Bento: Back to Basics (269 & 270)

Bento #126: Rotisserie Chicken

It’s back to basics for me with this bento. I’m not about to go into a long drawn out discussion of my life and bento. Because that’s not what I mean about “back to basics.” Time is limited at the moment. I don’t have alot of it to spend trying new recipes, new foods, and generally exploring the world of cooking as I have been. I do expect life to become a little less crazy after the new year. Until then, I’ve got to find quicker ways to pack lunch.

One thing I have been doing in my spare time, instead of cooking, is playing with Adobe’s Lightroom 2. Now, I’ve talked about this program before, and I love it. I just haven’t purchased it. I went through a trial with it quite awhile back. When the 30 days ran out, I decided not to purchase and just keeping using my Adobe Photoshop Elements. A week ago, I decided to download the trial again to my laptop. I did this for two reasons. 1. I wanted to see if it would run smoothly on this little laptop of mine. 2. I wanted to see if how great I thought it was still held true. It is just as great as I thought it was. So it’s decided. I need Lightroom 2. My pictures look great (I haven’t been happy with them lately…more on that with this coming Photo Friday).

While this seems like a digression (and it is, a little bit), it is all to say that this Lightroom time has meant I’ve being going through my old pictures. I should do that more often. It helps me remember things I’ve tried before in the past. Today’s bento is such. This weekend, I spent a lovely Sunday with my mom taking in a movie and stopping by Fresh Market afterwards. While there, I picked up a baggie of brussel sprouts and a rotisserie chicken.

Once home, it didn’t take me long to prepare side dishes for the chicken. This is something I used to do alot for my bento. I’ve gotten away from it lately. While food shopping, I decided it would be the perfect quick meal for most of this week.

While a small batch of elbow macaroni boiled, I peeled carrots, cut carrots and brussel sprouts, and got those veggies ready for roasting (400 degrees). Since I bake my mac ‘n cheese at the same temperature, I got out one of my large industrial cookie sheets (purchased from Sam’s Club for super cheap awhile back).

The small batch of macaroni was layer with cheese into two oversized ramekin type dishes. The veggies had been tossed with a small amount of olive oil and garlic/herb seasoning mix. The ramekins and the veggies were placed on the cookie sheet lined with a bit of aluminum foil for easier, quicker clean-up. A short while later, everything was cooked and ready to go. I had enough mac ‘n cheese for a quick dinner with a bit of the rotisserie chicken. The veggies and the rest of the mac ‘n cheese made two bento boxes, which both look like the picture above. The first bento will be my lunch Monday. The second either dinner, or lunch Tuesday.

Be the bento everyone! I’m so glad to be back today with a bento that, while quick, I’m quite looking forward too! Hope your lunch is as fun.


  1. Yvo says:

    I want that lunch so badly. You reminded me that yeah, I CAN buy a rotisserie chicken instead of mentally whining that I prefer roasting my own. lmao I’m such an idiot. I’m totally going to do this… recently purchased large cookie sheets so I could start roasting more veggies in one go. <3 this!!!

    • Jenn says:

      I know right? I totally understand. Sometimes I get very, “I’m not going to buy that. I can MAKE that now.” Which I’m uber proud of. However, I forget about time constraint sometimes.

  2. kellie says:

    mmm .. looks delicious. :)

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