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Another Use for My Food Picks

Lunch in a Box has a wonderful article on the care and maintenance of one’s bento gear.  I love Biggie’s site.  She gives so great, detailed, well-thought articles on bento lunches and its related topics that I view her website as my manual for the bento lifestyle.  The only problem is that I don’t have access to the things she has, living in south Louisiana and far removed from readily available bento gear and accessories.  While Ichiban Kan is great, there are things that she shows off I really wish I could purchase.  Case in point: the gadget she uses to get the silicone strip out of the lid of a bento box so you can clean the darn thing.

Another Use for a Food Pick

I don’t know if anyone out there might have a better trick than this, but I was looking at those oh-so-sturdy food picks my mom gave me for Christmas and a thought sprang to mind.  I slipped one between the silicone ring inside the bento lid and lifted up…

Another Use for a Food Pick

and out.  VOILA!  The silicone ring popped out, and I was able to clean it.  WONDERFUL!  I had a couple of lids that really needed cleaning in this manner.

If you try this, just be careful because you don’t want the pick to puncture the silicone ring.  It does work though.

Do you have a better solution?  If so, I’d love to hear it.


  1. Pouncy says:

    I use a butter knife. Thin, but too blunt to poke anything, and I get the wiggle power of that broad flat blade.

  2. Sile says:

    I’ve used a knife, a fork, whatever I have in the sink at the time I’m washin dishes. :D Last night it was a fork! :D But a pick isn’t a bad idea, if you have one around the sink that needs washing too. ;)

  3. Biggie says:

    You know, I don’t actually use anything special to get the rubber gaskets out, just my fingers. Most of my boxes with removable seals have a little indentation in the lid next to the gasket that make it easy to just pinch it out with your fingers. The tiny narrow brushes that I have are for cleaning that small empty groove, not actually removing anything. Hope this helps!

  4. Yvo says:

    Haha your macro lens picks up on all the yucky stuff you needed to clean too ;)
    I don’t think it’s “better” but I use my finger/nail. I push it lightly and lift. Your hands have to be dry though. It’s hard when I’ve just cut my nails (like today)… and one of them, I was rubbing it because it was oily/slick (while washing them) and it popped out *shrug* but that was on a lock&lock-esque container. I find, for the box style you’re using above, it’s been difficult for me to push the ring back into the lid after I wash it. It hasn’t gone all the way back in, making closing the box back up afterwards a real exercise.
    BTW, does anyone clean theirs every time they wash the box? Cuz I don’t…

  5. admin says:

    Thanks everyone for the responses. I gotta say though, I can’t seem to get them out just by pinching/squeezing with my fingers. Uhh, now I feel bento-challenged. ;)

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