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Blueberry French Toast

Not Exactly Bento (copyright 2007 – present) is the sole property and creative output of Jenn S., a Louisiana food blogger focusing on lunch packing using bento concepts, recipes for lunch and dinner, and how the whole process is photographed and shared.  The main focus of Not Exactly Bento is food and all that it takes to make, consume, and enjoy the concept.  Limited restaurant reviews featuring establishments in the Greater Baton Rouge, Louisiana area are featured as well.

To contact Jenn, complete the contact form (button on left side of site) or e-mail me at nebento (AT) cox (DOT) net.

Ad Space

Only serious advertising requests related to the focus and subjects of Not Exactly Bento will be considered: food, bentos and bento supplies, lunch packing, or photography (in limited instances).  Companies wishing to advertise with NEB are offered ad space in the right hand side bar of the site, a sidebar that appears on all site pages.  For pricing details, please contact me through contact form button found on the left side of the site.  Companies can also contact me by e-mailing nebento (AT) cox (DOT) net.  Prices and conditions are subject to change.

Ad space sizes available: 125 x 125 or 260 x 200.  Standard 300 x 250 ad blocks also accepted.

Product Reviews

For companies interested in sending Not Exactly Bento products for review, the following conditions apply.  Conditions are subject to change, so please read before sending your request.

  • I believe in careful, fair reviews of any product featured on NEB.  I normally personally purchase and review products mentioned on NEB to avoid any type of impropriety.  Furthermore, the product is tested several times before review.  For this reason, I do not guarantee a review of an accepted product will appear on NEB or that the review will be positive.  Product review inquiries that require the post to appear in a certain time period or require a positive review will not be accepted.
  • If featured on NEB, the reviewed product will appear as a post on the blog and will not appear as an advert on NEB’s sidebar.
  • Not Exactly Bento focuses on food, lunch packing, and the equipment needed to do both.  At times, photography is discussed, though this subject is a minor component of NEB.  Product review requests for items outside these focus areas will not be considered to maintain the integrity of Not Exactly Bento and the companies featured on the site.
  • Costly products may be returned to the company after review or possibly donated after the conclusion of the review.


At this time, Not Exactly Bento does not accept payment to write featured posts in positive promotion of a product or service.  Featured posts positively promoting such are done so only after review and careful consideration.  Such posts are subject to the Product Review guidelines listed above.